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Security updated 3:53pm, 15 February 2019

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Latest Security How To updated 3:53pm, 15 February 2019

  • how to install vpn on fire stick main

    How to install a VPN on Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV

    We show you how to set up a VPN on a Fire Stick or Fire TV

    13 Feb 2019

  • how to change instagram password main

    How to change password on Instagram

    Here's the quick way to replace your old Instagram password with a new, stronger one

    13 Feb 2019

  • how to stay safe online

    How to stay safe online

    Secure your personal details, your activity as well as your computers with our simple guide

    12 Feb 2019

  • how to speed up vpn

    How to speed up your VPN

    Experiencing lag while gaming or stuttering on Netflix? Here are a few ideas to fix the problem.

    04 Feb 2019

  • how to back up windows 10 thumb

    How to back up Windows 10

    Back up your PC to prevent losing any valuable data

    01 Feb 2019

  • dark web

    What is the Dark Web & How to Access it

    The internet is huge, but there's a lot more to it then the tiny corner you know about. We explain the Dark Web and the Deep Web

    30 Jan 2019

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Latest Security Group Tests updated 3:56pm, 14 February 2019

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