It was also announced recently that Fall Guys is coming to mobile in China, though we don’t know if or when a mobile version will launch in the West – or if it will ever come to the Xbox and Switch.

When did Fall Guys season 2 start?

Season 2 started on Thursday 8 October, so you can play it right now.

What's new in season 2?

The best look at everything new in the game comes from the season 2 launch trailer:

New costumes include a knight's armour, a dragon, a wizard, a viking, and plenty more, while all of the four new stages being introduced take a vaguely medieval theme too, with drawbridges, swinging axes, and other props subtly suggesting the historical period - though let's be honest, it all still mostly just looks like a bouncy castle anyway.

The four new stages so far are Knight Fever, Wall Guys, Egg Siege, and Hoopsie Legends

Thanks to IGN, you can get a good look at one of the season two stages: Knight Fever. This race is designed to be one of the first stages in an episode, and features axes, spinny spiky things, draw bridges and more:

One other big change is the introduction of the Show Selector, allowing you to pick what you want to play. Main Show includes every round in the game so far, Gauntlet Showdown gives you nothing but gauntlet races until the end, and Slime Survivors is, well, slimy. More themed shows are apparently on the way too.

There are more changes though. Party Falling means that when you queue in a squad, you'll all of you fall together too. There's also a random outfit generator, and a totally new feature: nameplates. As detailed in the below video, these let you pick a banner style and a nickname to accompany your name in-game, with the hint that in the future there might be specific community-centric nicknames and banners released.

There's one tweak still on the way that's arguably even bigger: Crowns are changing. Right now only the single winner of a round gets a gold Crown, the only currency you can use to buy featured skins.

Judging by a recent tweet, that's going to change at some point during the season:

'Over 600%' makes it sound like at least six or seven Crowns will be handed out per game - perhaps meaning everyone who reaches the final gets a Crown, or maybe tweaking things so that first place gets three Crowns, second gets two, and third gets just the one.