Following the acquisition of Nextbit, Razer launched the Razer Phone at the end of 2017, the first smartphone to offer a 120Hz refresh rate. It resonated well with gamers, especially with a price that is £100-200 cheaper than many other flagship smartphones, but it’s not a perfect smartphone, and both Asus and Xiaomi have brought competitors to the market.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Razer Phone 2, from the release date to pricing and feature speculation.

Razer Phone 2 release date

So, when will we see the second-generation Razer Phone revealed? The first-gen Razer Phone was unveiled fairly late in 2017, and it looks like it'll be the case this year too. Invites sent out to members of the press in mid-September confirm the reveal date: 10 October 2018

With Google revealing this year's Pixel on 9 October and Samsung revealing something on 11 October, it's set to be a busy week for smartphone fans! 

Razer Phone 2 UK pricing rumours

How much should we expect the Razer Phone 2 to retail for in the UK? We won't find out officially until October, but we can look back at the RRP for the original Razer Phone to make an informed prediction.

At launch, the Razer Phone was £695 in the UK, although the price dropped by £100 when buying it from Three. If Razer intends to offer the same 120Hz refresh rate, huge battery and other gamer-related tech in the second-gen smartphone, we imagine that it’ll cost around the £700 mark.

Razer Phone 2 design and spec news

So, what do we know so far about the Razer Phone 2? Officially, not much. We imagine that the second-gen Razer Phone will sport a similar 120Hz refresh rate display, although it might include an improved camera setup as it was where we thought the Razer Phone needed some improvement. An Antutu benchmark seems to suggest that it'll also feature an upgraded Snapdragon 845 chipset, and 8GB of RAM.

We might also see Razer’s Project Linda announced alongside the smartphone. First showcased as a concept at CES 2018, Project Linda is a lap-dock that utilises the internals of the Razer Phone to provide a laptop-esque experience.

This, to us, suggests that the Razer Phone 2 won’t feature any massive design changes. Project Linda is (of course) compatible with the current Razer Phone, and we imagine that many gamers will be disappointed if their smartphones (which were originally compatible) aren’t officially compatible at launch.  

This is in-line with leaked images sent to us at Tech Advisor from a Razer insider. The images showcase a render of the upcoming smartphone, sporting largely the same design - with one key difference.

If you look closely at the left of the image, you'll see a new section on the rear of the smartphone that looks like it'll offer touch-input. For gaming on a smartphone, it could be a gamechanger; you could program the rear touchpad to shoot in PUBG or Fortnite instead of tapping on-screen, a method that isn't ideal for hardcore gamers. 

The second new feature seems to be the introduction of Razer Hub. It looks a bit like Steam on PC, offering a collection of games for you to browse in one place, though we imagine this will be populated with games already installed on the device, rather than offering a separate store. 

We've not been able to confirm the authenticity of the leak, but it's certainly in-line with what's expected from a high-end gaming smartphone. Hopefully we don't have to wait much longer to find out!