Following the launch of the Moto G6, it seems Motorola has more new devices on the way soon. Rumours suggest that the flagship Moto Z3 smartphone will arrive on 2 August now invited have been sent out.

Unlike rivals such as LG with the G5, Motorola has been sticking with a modular phone with the Z range. The Moto Mods mean you can quickly snap on additions like a speaker, additional battery or even a projector.

Bear in mind that Motorola has already announced the Moto Z3 Play. Check out the best Motorola phones.

When is the Moto Z3 release date?

It looks like the Moto Z3 will be launched on 2 August as the firm has sent out invites to media.

The event will take place at Motorola HQ in Chicago where it typical holds big and important launches. So we could be seeing more than just a new flagship phone - perhaps a new smartwatch with Wear OS to succeed the Moto 360 2.

You can check out the video Motorola posted below. Sadly there's no hints about what's going to happen but it was late-July last year when the Z2 Force arrived.

Motorola said: "On August 2, we’re making a big announcement at Motorola’s HQ in Chicago. Say “hello” to a whole new way to connect, stream, download, video chat, and more. Are you ready?"

How much will the Moto Z3 cost?

Although the G6 is only just over £200, you can expect the Moto Z3 to be a lot more. 

Going by previous Moto Z phones, we'd expect the Moto Z3 to be priced at around £700.

What will the Moto Z3 be like?

The Moto Z design hasn't changed much over the years but this year could be when the phone gets something of an overhaul.

As we mentioned, launched at the Chicago HQ tend to be more important and the phone is at least due a full-screen update to align with the recent trend of 18:9 displays. The Z3 Play has one so it's pretty much a given.

Other questions mainly surround the cameras and the Moto Mods. Will Motorola follow the Huawei P20 Pro and offer three rear cameras? We don't think so but it's possible.

We're keen to see what Motorola has up its sleeve for the Moto Mods system this time around. We're hoping that the connector can look a bit nicer and for some innovative add-ons.

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