We were so sure Android P was going to be outed as Android Popsicle in August. It's now looking likely that the name Google actually has in mind is Android Pistachio.

Around two in every 100 children and one in every 200 adults in the UK has a nut allergy, but Google's new Android OS should go down a lot better with consumers. Its numerous new features focus on intelligence, simplicity and Digital Wellbeing, with standouts including a new navigation system, Android Dashboard and Adaptive Battery.

The news of the Pistachio name comes via Polish site tabletowo, which has posted a series of screengrabs from a conversation with Huawei Customer Support in which the agent let slip the new name. 

Huawei Android Pistachio

Though this is in line with earlier theories that Google would use the name Android Pistachio Ice Cream, it is not definite proof and may simply be a working name used by those in the know.

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