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Laptops updated 12:48pm, 17 August 2019

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Latest Laptops How To updated 4:24pm, 16 August 2019

  • How to fix Windows 10 slow boot

    how to fix slow boot in windows 10

    Make your Windows 10 PC spring into life faster

    14 Aug 2019

  • How to clean a laptop fan

    how to clean a laptop fan

    Dusty fans are less efficient, so here's how to fix a hot and noisy laptop

    13 Aug 2019

  • How to format a hard drive or SSD

    how to format a hard drive or ssd

    Formatting will wipe all the data from a hard drive, and here's how to do it

    09 Aug 2019

  • How to avoid phishing scams

    how to avoid phishing attacks main

    Ways to spot and foil fake emails that try to trick you into giving away your account details

    07 Aug 2019

  • What's the Best CPU Temperature?

    best cpu temperature

    Here are the processor temperatures you should aim for when gaming and idling

    06 Aug 2019

  • How to fix a laptop battery not charging

    how to fix laptop battery not charging

    Try our quick tips to fix your laptop battery charging problems

    30 Jul 2019

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Latest Laptops Group Tests updated 12:48pm, 17 August 2019

  • Best budget laptop 2019

    best budget laptop

    The best laptops for under £500 - often much less

    16 Aug 2019

  • Best laptop 2019: Find the right laptop for you

    best laptop 2019

    Here are the best laptops you can buy in 2019

    14 Aug 2019

  • Best Power Banks 2019

    best power banks 2019

    We round up the best portable chargers for your phone, and explain what features to look for in a power bank

    07 Aug 2019

  • Best USB-C PD chargers for your laptop or console

    best laptop chargers

    We round up a range of wall chargers powerful enough to handle your laptop or games console

    24 Jul 2019

  • Best mobile Wi-Fi routers 2019

    best mifi 2018 1600

    Connect all your Wi-Fi devices with a single data plan and get online wherever you go

    23 Jul 2019

  • Best gaming laptops 2019

    Best gaming laptops

    We review the best gaming laptops you can buy

    22 Jul 2019

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