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  • how to block people on whatsapp main

    How to block people on WhatsApp

    Stop people contacting you on WhatsApp by blocking them

    21 Aug 2018

  • how to use internet explorer in windows 10 main

    How to use Internet Explorer in Windows 10

    Find and use Microsoft's classic browser by using IE in Windows 10

    20 Aug 2018

  • how to install android 9 pie 1600

    How to Get Android Pie Now

    Install Android 9 Pie on your compatible smartphone today

    09 Aug 2018

  • windows 10 main

    How to uninstall Windows 10 updates

    Windows 10 updates are usually great but they have been known to cause some problems too

    08 Aug 2018

  • how to install a vpn on a router

    How to install a VPN on a router

    Installing a VPN on your Router can be a little involved but will vastly improve your security

    30 Jul 2018

  • netflix ipad

    How to watch American Netflix in the UK

    Not every country's Netflix lineup is the same - here's how to watch any of them

    30 Jul 2018

  • how to get photoshop

    How to get Photoshop

    Here are all the ways you can get Photoshop right now

    27 Jul 2018

  • how to convert cassette to digital main3

    How to convert cassettes to digital

    Listen to old cassettes on your phone, tablet, PC and more

    24 Jul 2018

  • youtube logo png 2069

    How to watch blocked YouTube videos from other countries

    Here's how to watch YouTube videos that aren't available in your country or region

    23 Jul 2018

  • remove ads windows 10 1600

    How to Remove Ads from Windows 10

    Microsoft has been sneaking some ads into Windows, but you can disable them

    20 Jul 2018

  • how check ram speed 1600

    How to Check RAM Speed

    Knowing how fast is your computer RAM is important if you're upgrading

    20 Jul 2018

  • block website 1600

    How to Block a Website

    Prevent other users accessing certain websites on your computer

    20 Jul 2018

  • fix frozen windows 10 computer 1600

    How to Fix Windows Crashing

    Windows 10 freezes up on us all at some point, but you can prevent your computer locking up again

    20 Jul 2018

  • backup registry windows 1600

    How to Back Up the Windows Registry

    Back up the Windows Registry before making any changes you'll regret

    20 Jul 2018

  • stop whatsapp saving photos

    How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos

    Prevent WhatsApp automatically downloading pictures, video and other documents or media to your Android phone

    19 Jul 2018

  • increase fps games 1600

    How to Increase FPS in Games

    Make your favourite games run faster - our tips won't cost you a penny

    19 Jul 2018

  • how to recover office docs 1600

    How to Recover Lost Word & Other Office Documents

    Recover Office documents with our top tips

    18 Jul 2018

  • is my hard drive dying 1600

    Is My Hard Drive Dying?

    Avoid losing precious data by checking the state of your hard drive (and backing up your files)

    18 Jul 2018

  • stop windows 10 auto installing updates 1600

    How to Stop Windows 10 Auto-Installing Updates

    We show you how to set up metered connections and active hours

    18 Jul 2018

  • netflix subtitles 1600

    How to Get Subtitles on Netflix

    We show you how to find and use the audio and subtitle settings on Netflix

    18 Jul 2018

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