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  • how to switch between instagram accounts main

    How to switch between Instagram accounts

    How to have different Instagram accounts and easily switch between them

    20 Feb 2019

  • how to stream vlc to chromecast

    How to stream from VLC to Chromecast

    Stream video from your PC to your TV with VLC and a Chromecast

    15 Feb 2019

  • how to stay safe online

    How to stay safe online

    Secure your personal details, your activity as well as your computers with our simple guide

    12 Feb 2019

  • howtospeedupyourpc

    How to speed up your PC

    We show you how to give your PC a brand new start

    07 Feb 2019

  • how to block people on instagram main

    How to block people on Instagram

    Having trouble with unpleasant Instagram users? Here's how to block them

    05 Feb 2019

  • watch super bowl 2019

    How to watch Super Bowl 2019 in the UK

    Don't miss the LA Rams vs New England Patriots, the halftime show and the infamous ads

    01 Feb 2019

  • how to find your windows product key

    How to find your Windows product key

    Follow our step-by-step guide to extract your Windows key

    29 Jan 2019

  • microsoftpowerpoint1

    How to get PowerPoint for Free

    PowerPoint has been an office staple for years and we’re going to show you how to access it for free

    25 Jan 2019

  • how to use kodi with nordvpn

    How to use Kodi with NordVPN

    Unblock Kodi add-ons and watch in private by using NordVPN

    25 Jan 2019

  • streamfrompctotv

    How to stream from PC to TV

    Stream your PC to your TV with these easy methods

    24 Jan 2019

  • windows 10 1600 3

    How to Remove Windows 10 Startup Programs

    Does your computer take a long time to load? Too many programs launching at once could be your problem

    17 Jan 2019

  • Mobile lifestyle 23

    How to root Android phones and tablets

    We’re going to show you how to get under the hood of your Android device

    17 Jan 2019

  • snapchat on windows

    How to use Snapchat on Windows

    Being able to view and send snaps straight from your computer is a cool feature. Here's our guide on how to use Snapchat on PC.

    17 Jan 2019

  • Asus Laptop lifestyle 4

    How to fix Windows 10 blue screen crashes

    Get your PC back up and running after a crash, using these simple tips

    17 Jan 2019

  • how to open swf files main

    How to open SWF files

    View .swf files on your PC by using Internet Explorer or third-party apps

    16 Jan 2019

  • how to diable gmail nudges main

    How to disable Gmail Nudges

    Stop Gmail from sending you 'Nudges' about emails

    15 Jan 2019

  • how to move switch games to sd card

    How to move Switch games to SD card

    Run out of space? No worries

    15 Jan 2019

  • how to find free android apps main

    Where to find free Android apps

    There's no better price than free. Here's how to find free games and apps for Android

    09 Jan 2019

  • how to setup smart tv

    How to get the best picture on your TV

    We're going to show you how to properly set up your Smart TV

    03 Jan 2019

  • Asus Laptop lifestyle 10

    How to set up a new laptop or PC

    Get your new laptop or PC up and running in record time with these top tips

    02 Jan 2019

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