On 8 November Xiaomi announced its official launch into the UK market. The below advice is still correct if you wish to take advantage of special deals in China or Xiaomi phones that launch there before they do so in the UK, but you should know that you can also now buy Xiaomi phones in the UK via Three, Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse, Currys/PC World, Very, Go Mobile, Mobile Phones Direct and Mi.com. There is also a Mi outlet store opening in London's Westfield shopping centre on 18 November.

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How to buy Xiaomi devices outside the UK

When you search for a UK Xiaomi store online you get two options: confusingly, mi.com/en/store will ship only to the US, while xiaomi-mi.co.uk redirects you to the NIS Store for purchasing products. This in itself is disconcerting, but we're more pained by the inflated product prices and extortionate delivery costs. Fortunately, there is an easier, cheaper, less scary way to buy Xiaomi devices in the UK.

We've been reviewing Xiaomi devices for some time now, and the vast majority of these are shipped to us by GearBest.com. GearBest is a Chinese online retailer that offers free shipping to the UK and elsewhere. Though it refers to itself as Chinese wholesalers, GearBest and its ilk are perhaps better described as grey-market importers (which isn't as dodgy as it might at first sound).

The grey market is not illegal. It is sometimes referred to as a parallel market, which is in fact a clearer representation of what it is. The grey market is a channel through which goods are imported by distributors not authorised by the manufacturer. It allows UK consumers to purchase products that are not intended to be sold in the UK market, and at the lower prices typically paid overseas.

GearBest is not your only option. We've previously used Geekbuying, Coolicool and TomTop, and there are others including the likes of Alibaba and TinyDeal too. All offer much the same prices and the same policies, though you should note prices can fluctuate daily so it may pay to shop around.

We've covered what to look out for in greater detail in our article on buying grey-market tech, but the key things to note are that you may be asked to pay import duty on products shipped from China, that you may have to wait several weeks for your item to be delivered, and that complaints procedures when something goes wrong aren't necessarily the same as those we enjoy here in the UK. We'd advise always checking to see whether it's in stock at an EU warehouse, even if it means paying a few pounds more.

If you're buying a smartphone, you should also check it is supported by your network. In our experience most Xiaomi phones will not support 800MHz 4G LTE in the UK, which rules out 4G connectivity via O2 and GiffGaff.

Aside from buying from a Chinese wholesaler or grey market importer, in the UK you can often find Xiaomi products available on Amazon or eBay. There's nothing wrong with going down this route, but be sure to check out who and from where you are actually buying the device before handing over your money.

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