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  • how to unblock people on facebook main

    How to unblock someone on Facebook

    Unblock someone on Facebook via the web, Android or iOS app

    12 Jun 2019

  • move from iphone to android

    How to move from iPhone to Android

    Here's the easy way to transfer all your stuff from iPhone to Android.

    10 May 2019

  • how to sell phone

    How to sell a phone

    Selling your old or unwanted smartphone is easy online

    08 May 2019

  • send facebook message without messenger app

    How to Send a Facebook Message without Facebook Messenger

    Keep up with friends without having to install the Facebook Messenger app

    26 Apr 2019

  • how to properly charge phone battery

    How to Properly Charge a Phone Battery

    Batteries degrade over time, but you can minimise the effect with our battery maintenance tips and tricks

    26 Apr 2019

  • phone battery charging tips

    How to Extend Phone Battery Life

    Advice to help your phone battery last all day

    25 Apr 2019

  • move contacts new phone

    How to Move Contacts to a New Android Phone or iPhone

    Transfer your phone numbers from an old phone to a new one, whether it's running Android or iOS

    24 Apr 2019

  • kodi

    How to update Kodi

    Kodi has released its new v18.2 build, named Leia, and we show you how to update your devices to the latest version

    24 Apr 2019

  • most common whatsapp scams

    Most Common WhatsApp Scams

    Free shopping vouchers, dodgy links and malware, number transfer requests - all the WhatsApp scams you should recognise and delete

    23 Apr 2019

  • smartphone messenger 01

    Best Facebook Messenger tips & tricks

    Facebook Messenger: you're doing it wrong. Here's how to get the most out of Facebook Messenger

    16 Apr 2019

  • is my phone unlocked

    Is my phone unlocked?

    See whether your phone can accept SIM cards from different networks

    27 Mar 2019

  • unlock iphone

    How to unlock an iPhone and use any SIM

    You don't have to stick with the network provider from which you bought your iPhone - here's how to use any SIM

    21 Mar 2019

  • how to watch walking dead free 1600

    How to Watch The Walking Dead Free Online or on TV

    The Walking Dead returns with the Season 9 Episode 14 tonight at 9pm - here's how to watch TWD in the UK for free

    18 Mar 2019

  • how to delete whatsapp account main

    How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp Account

    We show you how to end your time with WhatsApp by deleting your account

    07 Feb 2019

  • how to delete facebook messenger messages

    How to delete Facebook Messenger messages

    Sent a message you want to delete? Now you can on Facebook Messenger if you realise in time

    05 Feb 2019

  • apple airpods review02

    How to use AirPods with Android

    Despite Apple's frosty relationship with other manufacturers, you can use AirPods with Android devices - here's how

    05 Feb 2019

  • watch super bowl 2019

    How to watch Super Bowl 2019 in the UK

    Don't miss the LA Rams vs New England Patriots, the halftime show and the infamous ads

    01 Feb 2019

  • have i been blocked

    Have you been blocked on iPhone?

    Clues that will give you an indication of whether or not you've been blocked

    23 Jan 2019

  • how to watch the premier league

    How to watch the Premier League online, on TV and abroad

    The Premier League is in full swing. Here's how to watch the matches online, on TV and abroad

    11 Jan 2019

  • how to unlock a phone locked to vodaphone main

    How to Unlock a Phone Locked to Vodafone

    Is your phone stuck on Vodafone? Here's how to unlock it

    28 Dec 2018

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