Windows Defender - want rid of it.

  wescliff 23:21 04 Aug 2018

Trying to reinstall my programs after pc failure, easier without AV so left Norton off. But this infernal piece of rubbish keeps kicking in with false positives. Basically I want to uninstall it completely, why is such a dreadful program forced on us,if I turn it off it comes back with the next start up. Have had to install Norton to permanently disable. Is there any way at all to get this thing completely off my PC. Grateful for any advice.

  wiganken2 09:18 05 Aug 2018

You can't uninstall it because it a part of Windows OS but you should be able to disable it. It could be that Windows stops you disabling it in order to protect you and that only installing other AV/firewall software is allowed to disable it. Just guessing really but that's how it seems to me.

  wescliff 10:24 05 Aug 2018

That's true, had to install another AV to disable. Since posting I have found a registry edit to permanently disable, but too late now. Just have to disable Norton from time to time, which is easy. Thanks.

  wee eddie 11:27 05 Aug 2018

Microsoft have set it up to be available at any time, should you accidentally find yourself with no AV. As you have discovered, installing another AV disables it automatically.

Why try to remove it?

  Govan1x 23:48 05 Aug 2018

You could try Start up programs on Task manager and disable Defender on there. Unfortunately you can not disable it in services but if you use another security program it should stop Defender from starting.

  KEITH 1955 22:13 15 Aug 2018

scroll down options in defender security tab and untick periodic scanning

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