Windows 7 64 bit BSODs (various errors)

  DormantGames 05:17 27 Jul 2018

Okay Hi, the name's William, figured I'd make an account here and look for help. (List of errors I noted at the bottom)

Here's the story:

I received a windows update for my Windows 7 SP1 64bit desktop PC and upon reboot, the PC bluescreens. Reboot again, the keyboard and mouse stopped working. I reboot again, the keyboard works, the mouse still isn't working. My flip switches and I just decide to reformat my PC because I figured it was as good a time as any for a fresh system.

Done the reformat, installed windows, drivers, programs and whatnot, boots up fine but the PCI USB card drivers wouldn't auto install, so I reformatted again (nothing to lose right?) Installed windows, drivers, programs, boots up fine, PCI USB card works too- windows installed broadcom bluetooth drivers for my little USB attached bluetooth thingermabob from Satechi which doesn't seem to work. Spent a while finding bluetooth drivers and profiles and found a combination bluetooth driver+profile pack from Lenovo which brought the bluetooth into identical working order as it did before I started reformatting my PC. Considered the fact I just randomly installed a whole bunch of drivers and profiles which didn't work- so I decided to reformat my PC again to keep all the drivers fresh, installed everything in 1 go without incident this time. Installed windows (this time, I downloaded a windows iso and burned it to a disc instead of using my very old original disc, just incase the disc had degraded over the years, drivers, programs, usb working, bluetooth good to go, programs installed, clicked start menu- instantly bluescreened.

Bluescreen error of 0x000000b8 "A wait operation, attach process, or yield was attempted from DPC routine" I do have 2 minidumps of the 0x000000b8 bsods, but not sure how best to present it. rebooted, booted up as usual, decided to play Total War: Warhammer 2 and all hell broke loose. After playing TW:WH2 for, usually, 20 minutes, I'll hear audio crackle- SSD hits 100% in the resource manager and everything starts stuttering, then seconds later, it'll BSOD with error 0x000000f4, memory dump failed to create with error 0xc0000010- every single time. When this occurs, no minidump is created, newer save files no longer exist and a couple of minutes prior up till the crash in the event viewer are not recorded. Rebooted PC, my default user, William, no longer existed, event viewer spewing out a bunch of errors about being unable to create a default user and some peer networking thing not able to start, googled it a bit, went into the services, mucked about with the peer services and it still didn't work so I decided to just do a system restore to 2 days before it occurred.

I thought it was going well, system restore restored files, rebooted, I seen my default user stuff appear all nice and dandy- and then system restore popped up and said system restore failed. Seems to have worked, more or less- just that, for some reason, .exe files in a few folders on my desktop went missing. So w/e

I love TW:WH2 so I decided to play it again and again, bsod after bsod (thank you cloud based save storage for keeping my newest save file safe) and I learnt that when I hear the audio crackle, it is a sure sign that a BSOD is incoming- but I can postpone it by going into the audio settings in-game and changing the audio quality, refreshing all sound and I can keep doing it every now and again to keep postponing the bsod- up to a maximum of 7 hours.

Every crash since the 0x000000b8 has been the 0x000000f4 bsod error, 50% chance of failing to create minidump, 50% chance for the crashed computer to then crash the bluescreen too, also resulting in no minidump, because that too, crashed.

So that's where I'm at. Audio crackle warning sign of inbound bsod, 0x000000f4 bsod, failed minidump, occasional failed boot of the same error. (note: the bsod happens even when not playing games- just not as quickly) If I attempt to record a short clip, it causes the f4 bsod in a matter of seconds every time. I also managed to record and successfully save a clip of the crackling audio (begins in the last few seconds of the short clip. Promptly received F4 error seconds after the clip) click here heard the crackle once and took a picture of an error on screen before BSOD: click here error codes with number of times: 0x000000b8(?), 0xc0000010(?), 0x000000f4(?), 0xc000000e(once), 0x000000ed(once)

I All

  DormantGames 05:28 27 Jul 2018

PC Specs:

Windows 7 SP1 64 bit

Samsung 840 Evo SSD 1TB

ASUS PCE-AC68 802.11ac Network Adapter

HyperX HX316C9SRK2/16 Savage 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 1600 MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM XMP (x2 for a total of 32GB. 2 of the sticks are 8 months old, the other 2 are almost 2 years old)

Satechi USB Bluetooth 4.0

Logitech G502 mouse

Corsair Vegeance K95 White LED keyboard

A 750w Novatech PSU

Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H Motherboard

Novatech 5 USB ports PCI High Speed USB 2.0 Adapter Card (temporarily removed)

Novatech 4 Port USB 3.0 Adapter (Pretty sure both these adapter cards are rebranded Startech cards)

Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II 2.0 Speakers

X-FI XTREME AUDIO PCI (temporarily removed)

Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) GPU

i7 3770k CPU with stock fan with Arctic Silver AS5 thermal paste applied about a year ago

AOC Q2963PM 29 inch Ultrawide IPS LED Monitor (21:9, 2560x1080)

I also forgot to mention when I noticed the system was going to crash- mere milliseconds before it crashed while I was looking at the event viewer, a critical disk error appeared in the log, but it crashed too quickly for me to read it other than the title of the error being "disk". When I rebooted after the bsod, the event viewer log for the previous minute was gone, with no log of the disk error. SMART comes back a-o.k, sfc /scannow came back clean every time, chkdsk sorted out some bad sectors about 2 reformats ago and hasn't done anything since.

I use ESET Smart Security as my antivirus. Also gave malwarebytes a try, it found nothing, so I got rid of it and kept with ESET. I love ESET.

I've currently contacted the local PC repair guy (a floopen genius in PC repair with over 30 years in the business, has never let me down), but I'd like to see if I could repair it over the internet before I get a quote back and sort out a time he can come around.

One thing I've noticed too is that occasionally, maybe 10% of the time, when I boot my PC up after a bsod, the fans sound different, as if someone just placed a different fan in my system, much louder, much faster, but boot up is mega slow, then following a reboot, the normal fan sound is back and it boots up quick.

I'll try virtually anything. Not got much to lose. (updated bios, chipset, all drivers both on the disc the parts came with and from their respective websites)

  DormantGames 09:46 27 Jul 2018

Went ahead and completely uninstalled the audio drivers, reboot, uninstall graphics drivers, reboot, installed audio drivers, reboot, install video drivers, reboot.

PC still gets the BSOD 0x000000f4, though the audio crackle and stuttering seems to be gone and I managed 3 hours 42 minutes in TW:WH2 before it bsod'd. It automatically triggered a chkdsk afterwards, it removed sql files and I think it replaced something, though it scrolled too fast for me to see.

Wondering if perhaps it's a heat issue, as the top of my PC is seriously toasty, though I already emptied my 2 cans of compressed air, dusting the thing about 2 weeks ago.

Went ahead and set up my large 1.2 meter tall fan at the side of the case. If it can circulate the air of a small gym, it better well circulate the air of my case.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:32 27 Jul 2018

could be heat but I would be tempted to rum a memory test aswell

  DormantGames 11:56 27 Jul 2018

Gotcha- The only memory test I've done was the standard windows memory test which gave back no errors- I'll give the extended one a run after I wake up.. or before I sleep, considering how long it takes.

  DormantGames 16:52 28 Jul 2018

I've yet to have the time to perform an extensive memory test, but I figured I'd pop back in for an update: Was using google chrome about 8 hours ago, PC crashed, windows boot up then I was spammed by errors in the event viewer and a windows popup mentioning that I should restart to perform a chkdsk. Chkdsk went through and replaced a whole bunch of stuff- left it running and came back to an odd bluescreen. heyho- a new error! PC failed to boot, instantly bluescreen after the loading windows portion of boot, was also unable to boot into any of the 3 safe modes, startup repair failed every time, system recovery also reported it failed every time from the advanced system recovery shenanigans. The only other storage device I have is an old HDD I used to use as a backup. Turns out it broke a while ago after my ceiling caved in on it, it too failed to boot, funnily enough, at the same part as the SSD is now.

I took out every device inside and outside the case other than essentials (mouse, keyboard, monitor) same issue- I also took out the ram and left 1 stick in it, same issue, swapped that 1 remaining stick out with another stick, same issue.

I have now performed another reformat, I can now boot to windows and I am now typing this from the same PC. Before I install everything, I'm going to see if I can cause a BSOD, with the bare minimum stuff, incase the BSOD is caused by something I'm installing soon after a reformat.

Got word back from the PC guy saying that he'd charge £60 to get it looked and fixed if it's a software issue and if it's a hardware issue, he'd add the cost of the hardware replacement to the fee if I choose for him to replace it. For now though,

I'm gonna hold off on the PC guy and see if I can find the issue with the help of you folks- a learning experience and all that!

and regarding markhenry77, yeah, I figured it was spam and honestly looks more malicious than innocent spam. May considering flagging the site for the guys over at ESET to check it.

Not sure if there's a report feature on this site for combating spammers and the likes.

  DormantGames 16:55 28 Jul 2018

This here is the error I got, which was occurring every time I attempted to boot click here

  DormantGames 08:08 29 Jul 2018

Using the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool, I ran the extended memory test for 2 passes (Jeez, that takes so long! I thought I'd run it for 8 passes, but I ended it at 2 passes because it took 10 hours.) - It reported no errors.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:08 29 Jul 2018

A lot of it reads like disk errors but you have a SSD and have run chkdsk.

One possibility is to run diskpart clean from a bootable USB and reinstall windows on the nice clean SSD. If your investigation into installing drivers fails.

  DormantGames 07:40 30 Jul 2018

Hm, okay so far, I've not had a single bluescreen since the most recent reformat. The only things I've installed so far is my antivirus (ESET), Steam, TW:WH2, Gyazo and Notepad Plus. Driver wise I've installed- Well, nothing on my own. Windows updates 100% completed, windows installed the drivers for my GPU and soundcard, along with all the USB devices. My PCI USB cards do not work currently as windows doesn't supply the drivers for them- but perhaps this is progress?

Perhaps this is showing to be more of a driver issue at the end of the road? Or perhaps one of the 2 PCI USB cards are to blame- and are just not showing up just now because the drivers for them aren't installed to have them do anything.

Opened up 1248 different google chrome windows, which used up 97% of my physical ram (it wouldn't hit 100% due to 32GB paging file)- but nothing crashed, no audio stutter and no bluescreen, like it had before.

I also gave TW:WH2 a run and decided to use the "laboratory" mode to but the PC into a battle a lot more intensive than it usually had to be to BSOD. It used to BSOD when there were roughly 3k-5k units in a battle, unless I postponed it with the audio quality trick I mentioned before. With the laboratory mode, I placed 109,200 units on the battlefield and even livestreamed the battle without a BSOD or crash, also without having to use the audio quality trick to postpone anything.

If I find out for sure (or as sure as I can be) that it's a driver issue, I'll probably call in the PC guy. Would be happy enough to pay £60 for peace of mind- Would just rather not have to replace hardware until I get the money I need to replace the motherboard for one with a more recent CPU socket, new CPU, new ram, the lot- You know what I mean.

Gonna keep giving the PC a run for it's money for a while yet, just incase yesterday was a fluke.

If it turns out it was just a fluke, I'll go ahead and try out that diskpart clean- I'm sure I have a USB stick somewhere.

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