Operating system not found SOMETIMES!!!

  DurjamGaming 20:26 06 Nov 2018

I was on my PC (win10) when it crashed and came up with the error message operating system not found try disconnecting drivers or something. I waited an hour or so and I turned it on and windows booted up. From that point my PC would sometimes say error message not found and if I leave it for any time between 10min and 5hours+ It would start working again but when I'm using it there's always a chance for it to rapidly slow down then stop responding completely and when I reboot the error message displays and I have to wait and hope it will work again soon.

I was about to search up system info but my computer stopped responding just as I wad typing this message on my phone so I can't say now :(

Tell me any other info I can say

The temperature is not to do with it its displays 30*C right now (while it's not responding)

And I've checked for viruses

:) hope someone can help

  DurjamGaming 20:32 06 Nov 2018

Now that I restarted the exact message is An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system. Press Ctr+alt+del to restart _

(Nothing changes when I restart I have to wait for like an hour)

  alanrwood 10:41 07 Nov 2018

Sounds as though your hard drive is starting to fail but just in case try removing and refitting any of the items plugged into the motherboard, memory, hard drive, video card etc to make sure they are seated properly as they do creep due to temperature cycling.

  Guest 1234512760 01:42 14 Nov 2018

There are some reasons for Operating System missing in Windows 10:

  • The system hard disk is damaged.
  • The basic input/output system (BIOS) does not detect Windows 10 Installation hard drive/disk.
  • Windows 10 boot files in system partition are not active anymore.
  • The MBR(Master Boot Record) of Windows 10 is corrupted.

So you can take corresponding measures such as check the BIOS settings,set the system partition active and rebuild MBR to repair operating system not found windows 10.

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