Keyboard Backlights constantly on after update

  PedroEB 07:04 18 Jun 2018

The latest Windows update broke the keyboard backlights of my ASUS ROG GL753VE so they no longer turn off after a period of inactivity. I have two identical laptops, and after updating the second one it too developed the same issue.

MS support loaded an incompatible keyboard driver, so that was useless.

ASUS says bring the laptop in for repair, but I find it unacceptable.

ROG Aura Core sets the colours and effect settings, but the timeout is not configurable.

I'm not sure if the ASUS ATKPackage controls the timeout after inactivity. I reloaded it, but the problem still persists.

Not knowing exactly what turns the LEDs off makes it hard to fix.

  PedroEB 13:29 24 Jun 2018

I can confirm that after removing ASUS ATKPackage the keyboard backlights don't work at all, so it would seem that Windows update broke the inactivity turn off component.

  MJS WARLORD 14:07 30 Jun 2018

I had this problem with a corsair strafe keyboard , this is what I did.

use 1 instead of both keyboard usb cables. I uninstalled all keyboard software and in device manager I right clicked keyboard entry then uninstalled the drivers. On restart windows will install its own generic drivers.

Note it is your choice to do it or not ! all I will say is it worked for me.

  rdave13 17:01 30 Jun 2018

Try reinstalling again, click here.

  TechSpeed 18:23 30 Jun 2018

Hello, Here are some troubleshooting steps that may help. - Do start by uninstalling/reinstalling the keyboard driver. - Go to Device Manager and uninstall the keyboard driver then reboot your laptop. - Observe after the reboot and see if the same problem will persist. - If that doesn't work, do try installing this ATK driver for your keyboard Once installed, reboot your laptop then observe again. - If all these will not work that means it's a hardware problem and replacing the keyboard will be the last resort.

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