How to delete a file form computer

  HandsUpNeedHelp 21:16 06 Aug 2018

Can someone help me please, I have a file which won’t delete and say that it doesn’t exist Ive try doing the command prompt but that’s also saying that it’s not recognised I’m lost on what to do

  HandsUpNeedHelp 21:17 06 Aug 2018

*folder not file

  wee eddie 22:18 06 Aug 2018

Have you tried rebooting the Computer

  [DELETED] 22:59 06 Aug 2018

I would usually recommend Unlocker to get rid of phantom folders but the download comes with a lot of pups. If your antimalware security isn't up to it I wouldn't download it. Safest link is here but you download and install at your own risk.

  [DELETED] 23:14 06 Aug 2018

If you try it always select custom install so you can deny installing the rubbish that comes with it. Delta etc, but you will still need a good security software to block the hidden pups.

  wiganken2 08:14 07 Aug 2018

Have you checked the properties of the folder to see if it is associated with an installed program? If it is associated with a program then you can decide if you want to keep the program (and folder) or uninstall the program which should then delete the folder as well.

  john bunyan 14:04 07 Aug 2018

It sometimes works if you drag and drop the folder onto the desktop then drag it to the recycle bin

  oftmarshall678 07:23 08 Aug 2018

It depends on the kind of file. It might be just an auxiliary file of another file, so you can't delete it on its own.

  alanrwood 15:35 08 Aug 2018

Create a Linux Boot disk and boot the computer using it. Use the Linux File Explorer to find the file and delete it there.

  Maria Kaylene 18:24 08 Aug 2018

Try using the CMD option to try to get rid of them. Also, I would suggest you to run the Disk Cleanup Utility and delete all the unnecessary files first and then check if the issue persists.

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