Filename Sorting in windows Explorer

  David Yorke 14:30 27 Jun 2018

Hi there,

i have a folder with filenames similar to those below:

01-DR-A-1502 P02
00-DR-A-1501 P02
02-DR-A-1503 P02
R-DR-A-1504 P02
00-DR-A-1505 P02
R-DR-A-1506 P02
02-DR-A-1507 P02

is there a way to sort but the penultimate number (1501) and so on?

  lotvic 15:08 27 Jun 2018

I think you will have to rename them so the 1501, 1502, 1503 and so on is at the beginning of the file name. Or rename by adding a new number at beginning.

There may be a different way than that but I'm not aware of one.

  wee eddie 15:09 27 Jun 2018

Not if the files are named that way. Even 1501 would be filed.

1501, 1511, 1521, 1531, if you see what I mean.

  lotvic 15:17 27 Jun 2018

wee eddie, I missed that, I see what you mean. Yes of course it wouldn't work.

  David Yorke 15:40 27 Jun 2018

Hi All,

thanks for the quick responses. i know you can sort by suffix but I'd need to remove the revision numbers (P02)

  wee eddie 17:37 27 Jun 2018

If you remove the PO2 and start filing on the last number, you will be in the situation alluded to in my badly written response

  lotvic 18:44 27 Jun 2018

How about using a date format at beginning of filename. Doesn't have to be current dates, you could start with 1900-01-01 (restOfFilenameHere), then 1900-01-02 (restOfFilenameHere), and so on up to 1900-01-28.

Up to 28 because when you get to Feb there are only 28 days and I think it would confuse File Explorer if a date entered was impossible - like 1900-02-30

  wee eddie 00:53 28 Jun 2018

Apart from the number, how important is the rest of the file name?

  David Yorke 09:28 28 Jun 2018

Hi, the file names follow an ISO standard naming convention and so its all required

Lotvic nice idea but it would muck up the ISO.

  lotvic 12:03 28 Jun 2018

Maybe there's something in Columns that would be suitable to sort. Have you had a look at all the columns you can add.

  BRYNIT 12:35 28 Jun 2018

Don't know if this will help but worth a read CLICK HERE

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