File History (Backup) wont show my external drive?

  Shepherd81 13:08 03 Aug 2018

Hi, I am trying to set up my File History (Backup) on my Win10. Whenn clicking on "Add a drive" it only shows my 2 internal HDDs which is confusing cause it statets it would only let you backup on an external drive. However my real external drive with 7TB is not been shown there. I access that external drive every day with my windows explorer though. What can I do to get this ** windows let me choose my external drive as File History backup?

  beeuuem~2 17:11 04 Aug 2018

from enter link description here

If you want to use all space of the disk larger than 2TB, you need to initialize it to GPT or convert it to GPT (when data have been saved). To create FAT32 partition larger than 32GB or increase NTFS partition cluster size, you need to employ third party program. To create more than 4 primary partitions, you can convert MBR to GPT or set one of primary partitions as logical.

  Shepherd81 21:07 04 Aug 2018

Hi there, thanks for you answere although it didnt help me. First: all disks that I want to use as Backup are already GPT. File History is only showing the disks that are still on MBR! So maybe I should convert them to MBR instead what would be very lame though!

Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt

Disk 0 Online 465 GB 1024 KB * Disk 1 Online 465 GB 1024 KB Disk 2 Online 931 GB 0 B * Disk 3 Online 7452 GB 0 B * Disk 4 No Media 0 B 0 B Disk 5 Online 59 GB 15 MB

  wescliff 20:18 16 Aug 2018

Not used this for some time, but I seem to remember that you cannot include a drive to back up if it us the one you are backing up to.

  Maria Kaylene 02:24 17 Aug 2018

You may try turning on File History service to repair not working File History. To fix File History can't recognize the drive error, just type services in the Search and select Services, then locate and find File History Service > Click Start the service > Set the Start Type to Automatic.

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