Deleting Microsoft .NET Framework files

  tallboy 08:59 11 Feb 2019

A few years ago (when using a much earlier version of Windows 10) I had reason to make a backup of my .NET Framework files. I have these in a specific backup folder with 26 sub-folders. I'm trying to delete all the folders, but even though I have Administrator rights over my PC, Windows is asking me to change permissions on each and every file in the sub-folders in order to change them - a very time consuming task!

In effect, I need to re-format or in some way smash the .NET Framework folder to free-up the space the un-needed backup is occupying. Is there a tool I can use to do this easily? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

  tallboy 15:57 11 Feb 2019

Thanks for the quick reply MJS Warlord. These are not the original .NET Framework files I'm trying to clear out, but a copy of them all I saved on an External drive (which is normally disconnected from my PC) that I use to store Acronis & O&O images of the Operating System on. Obviously I don't want to re-format the whole drive, but I could do to reformat the old backup .NET Framework folder as a quick way of deleting them. (If there is a way to format or bulk-erase just a folder of sub-folders that are not normally accessible.).

  wiganken2 16:54 11 Feb 2019

You need to "Take Ownership" of each of the folders which will include every file they contain. You should then be able to delete them. There are reg files that can do this for you in one quick operation. See link for access to these tools: - click here .

  tallboy 22:42 11 Feb 2019

Many thanks for the link wiganken2. This was just the sort of tool I was hoping someone could direct me too! I have applied it and used it to change all the permissions on the external .NET Framework backup folder I was trying to get rid of. It worked a treat. Many thanks for your help.

  wiganken2 13:32 12 Feb 2019

Glad it worked.

  Govan1x 22:02 12 Feb 2019

A few updates for NET Framework tonight on Windows update.

  tallboy 23:53 12 Feb 2019

Thanks for the 'heads up' on .NET Framework updates Govan1x. I'm just downloading / installing them.

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