Chromebook,looking for a small Beginners guide

  martd7 15:29 11 Jul 2018

Can anyone assist in finding a downloadable beginners guide of 10 pages or less for Chromebook Ive searched on Google and can only find 17 - 20 page guides

I am teaching an elderly client to use one for the next eight weeks but would be nice to present to them a printed out guide at the end of the course

Thanks for any help

  wee eddie 16:20 11 Jul 2018

What's to stop you editing the guide down to the size you want.


Splitting it into 2 parts. Say: "Basics" & "Intermediate". Use the same front cover on each with a couple of minor variations

  martd7 16:58 11 Jul 2018

Thanks wee eddie

Didn't think of editing the guide,will do so unless anyone else comes up with a smaller guide

  martd7 09:21 12 Jul 2018


Anyone else?

  martd7 17:14 13 Jul 2018

Rdave 13

Thanks will do

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