Can't update Win10 from build 10240 to 1803(or 09)

  12781278 16:29 02 Jan 2019

I have a laptop, HP Convertible x360. I believe that it came with Win10 and just got wiped since it was used for work and the former user left it.

The issue is that there is no free space for the 10-15gb update. The harddrive is only 28gb but there is basically nothing on it so removing things is to my understanding not possible.

When I use the update assistant it first searches for an update, finds the 1803 update, and says that there was an issue. I click on "Solve issue" and it tells me that there is no space. I chose an external disk with more free space than required. It then downloads the entire thing, installs the entire thing, and then shows the "Issue" text again. Putting me back to square one. I have done this a couple of times on a USB with 15gb free space and a harddrive with 800gb free space.

I also downloaded the Windows Update Assistant but it won't even recognize my USB or HDD. So are they the problem?

I have no idea what to do and looking around gives me no answers.

What can I do here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:02 02 Jan 2019

download the latest version on a different PC and use Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool to create installation media on a 4GB or larger USB thumb drive.

You must select the option to “Create installation media for another PC” and choose the correct version for your laptop (64-bit Windows 10 Home, or S as these small machines often come with this cutdown version of windows 10).

You may also need to set your laptop to boot from USB.

You don’t need a product key as your Windows 10 activation is stored online against the Microsoft Account you use to log on.

You can use this approach to “Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10” as per Microsoft’s instructions.

However, it removes all the programs that are not part of Windows 10, including your manufacturer’s apps, support apps, drivers, customised power and sleep settings, etc. While you can opt to keep personal files, you may lose digital licenses and related content you have paid for. You must back them up.

It’s not as simple as letting Windows 10 auto-update, but at least you’ll end up with the latest version of Windows 10 and the maximum amount of free storage space.

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