At what age do you think you will stop driving

  oresome 11:18 18 Jan 2019

Obviously following recent events.

  Pine Man 18:49 18 Jan 2019

think that it should be a matter of using your own common sense as to when you stop driving

........and then you went on to say - I recently got some work dust in my "good eye" and I really struggled to drive home , thank god it was only 4 miles

So much for common sense, your actions were reckless.

  qwbos 00:18 19 Jan 2019

She could not be prosecuted because her family claimed she had Alzheimer's.

I suspect the Procurator Fiscal would require more convincing evidence of Alzheimer's.

That said, I know of an instance where a (young) police officer killed two (older) people who were minding their own business walking along a pavement. He lost control of the police car he was driving, veered across the road, mounted the pavement and hit them and the building so hard he displaced the granite blocks at the base of the three storey building he squashed them against. He wasn't prosecuted either.

  qwbos 00:22 19 Jan 2019

So much for common sense

Long ago, I came to the conclusion that there's no such thing as "common sense". It's just an expression used to justify a position without offering any proof of its validity.

  oresome 08:36 19 Jan 2019

When you are a teenager you think a 40 year old is an old person and when you reach 40 you think of yourself as still young and so it goes on through life.

Your own perception is quite different to how other people see you and are probably no best able to judge yourself as to when to stop driving.

I certainly wouldn't anticipate driving in my 90s, but think I'm perfectly capable at the moment aged 70. I do deliberately drive slower and leave bigger gaps now to allow for my slower reaction times and tend to avoid the cut and thrust of peak commuter times.

  BT 09:44 19 Jan 2019

a very long time ago my driving instructor said you learn to drive AFTER you have passed your test

That's exactly what my Driving Instructor said to me.

These days many, especially the younger ones seem to think that once they pass the test they are good drivers. Just a few weeks ago I had a car with a 'P' plate on pull out of a side road causing me to have to brake. It was on a quiet residential road near a school with a 20mph limit so I wasn't going fast but the other car seemed totally oblivious to my presence. I had seen the car waiting at the junction but when I was just about 15 yards away she just pulled out in front of me. I was taught that I shouldn't pull out or cut across if it would cause other vehicles to have to brake. When my son was learning to drive I was amazed at what he was being taught that would have caused the operation of the Dual controls when I was taking lessons.

  oftmarshall678 10:48 19 Jan 2019

I'd want to still drive even when I'm 70. OR even beyond. Hopefully I'm still able to physically by that time.

  wee eddie 10:56 19 Jan 2019

I'm 73+ and drive a Hackney Cab until 3am, 5 days each week.

I have no idea when I will give it up but, the extra tests required, after I pass 75, may make it uneconomical

  Smudge120 14:15 19 Jan 2019

I am now 84 and still driving. I passed my first test on a hand change motor bike. Passed to drive a car in 1955 in Cardiff. Passed the Advanced Drivers test when I was workin in the 1980's. About four years ago took a test organised by a local council. Involved town, county and motorway driving. Only two comments-not using door mirrors enough and not indicating even if no other vehicle visible. Saw an eye consultant last week. Gave me all clear. Had opetaions two years ago to remove cataracts and do not need glasses. Will stop driving when I do not feel safe or my wife refuses to get in the car. Have dash cams both front and back.

  john bunyan 15:12 19 Jan 2019

When you reach 70, the mini bus and upto 8 tonne permits stop. I kept, for 6 years, these items , for which a medical is required. When I returned from the Doctors, my wife said “What did the Doctor say?” . I replied “He said ‘ a hundred pounds , please’ “

  Menzie 15:24 19 Jan 2019

The original post for this thread says this is from recent events. Which recent event was this?

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