Web page slowing browser down.

  hastelloy 11:12 12 Jan 2019

I know there has been a thread about this site being slow but this is slightly different.

When it takes longer than usual to load a page, I get a yellow band across the top saying "A web page is slowing your browser. What would you like to do?" The options are "Stop it" or "Wait". This has been happening for some time but only on this site. I have always clicked the first option and then it continues as normal. I'm using Firefox.

  KEITH 1955 11:25 12 Jan 2019

This thread may get moved Hastelloy because I think you should have put it in the tech section.

Open your browser and look for any add-ins or extensions you don't recognise. Before answering the what do you want to do next , open task manager and look for a running process you don't recognise. Look in add/remove for anything you don't recognise. Run adwcleaner. Run Malwarebytes to see if it finds anything suspect , if it does then do repeat scans until it finds nothing , you have to do repeat scans cos Malwarebytes does not always remove all individual segments of something on the first pass.

  hastelloy 12:05 12 Jan 2019


Yes, silly of me to get the wrong forum. I'll try your suggestions later. As I said, this only ever happens on this site.

  KEITH 1955 12:34 12 Jan 2019

one thing I notices on here the adds sometimes pop up so fast that in the split second you press the mouse button an add can appear in a blank space and you can accidently open an ad

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:46 12 Jan 2019


I have been trying to post to your "priacy" thread but unfortunately the post symbol just spins and adblock numbrers ramp up radiply and the post never completes. Obviously something wrong on the site somewhere.

  KEITH 1955 14:59 12 Jan 2019

HI fruitbat , here's a funny one for you , the get updates via email tick box at the bottom has not worked for me for about 2 weeks then yesterday I got dozens of auto email replies from previous postings , my inbox went into meltdown lol

  Forum Editor 15:01 12 Jan 2019

"I get a yellow band across the top saying "A web page is slowing your browser. What would you like to do?"

You are not alone, it's been happening to me and I raised it with our deveopment team a few days ago. They were investigating, and perhaps they found something because it has suddenly stopped happening.

  Forum Editor 15:03 12 Jan 2019


"...yesterday I got dozens of auto email replies from previous postings"

I raised that issue with the development team last week, and they obviously tracked down the cause of the problem.

  hastelloy 07:38 15 Jan 2019

Haven't had the yellow band since FE's post and the site is flying this morning.

  hastelloy 16:05 24 Jan 2019

Now the yellow band is back!!

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