understanding a games artificial intelegance

  KEITH 1955 17:39 12 Jan 2019

Just like driving a car everyone does it for the first time every single day and pc's are just the same , somebody will buy their first one today. A lot of players blame windows 10 and sometimes other operating systems for both older and new games not working.

From looking at comments on steam , gog , origin and other web forums it seems that a lot of players are saying games are unplayable due to bugs. I have completed many games that some people say are unplayable. Not bragging just saying !

The problem is that a lot of players just don't understand how a games AI works.

Here are a few examples , games such as guildwars 1 and 2 and skyrim will allow you to walk round the game world all day long to discover new areas BUT you will not find any quests or mission unless the AI controlling a game character has told you to go to the places you have discovered.

Some point and click such as the monkey series and grim fandango also work the same. You will not be given/find or be able to use certain things unless the games AI recognises that you have spoken to certain people and also used certain lines of dialogue.

Using walkthroughs can sometimes help but unless you do what the AI expects you to do you will still not compete or progress in a game.

  oresome 10:51 13 Jan 2019

So basically it's not intelligence, artificial or otherwise.

Simply a set of procedures that have to be followed in the correct order to progress the game.

So my question is, what would the game need to do differently to make it truly intelligent?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:59 13 Jan 2019

"That doesn't work"

is a favourite saying my daughter and I use a lot - it came from an old Diskworld adventure game one step up from the very old text entry adventure games.

Its a computer, it works logically, here fore there is bound to be a sequence to follow before you get the end result.

The fun comes in working out the sequence

  • "open door", "That doesn't work", - "push door", "That doesn't work" - "pull door" "That doesn't work" - "Slide door", "you have entered a cupboard" :0)
  KEITH 1955 11:26 13 Jan 2019

orsome and fruitbat … I suppose you can quite rightly argue that in some games its not AI controlling you its simply a case of doing what the programmers want you to do , ie play by their rules

  Old Deuteronomy 11:35 13 Jan 2019

You will find quests in Skyrim but, you won't get storyline quests if you just wander. Inn keepers often have quests and you will often find NPCs lurking with a quest to do.

As for bugs, Skyrim is notoriously buggy but, I believe many of the "bugs" are actually caused by poor mods causing unexpected problems.

  KEITH 1955 11:44 13 Jan 2019

hi Deuteronomy , funny you should mention skyrim their is 1 really famous bug if you take a nap overnight in one of the inns somebody captures you , I cant remember her name , if she does as I remember it you have to swap sides so you can never complete all the quests and side missions. I may have got it a bit wrong as its a long time since I used it.

  wee eddie 18:29 13 Jan 2019

If this, then that. Quite complex but that's all Games are

If that's AI then I'm a Dutchman

  Forum Editor 09:59 14 Jan 2019

"The problem is that a lot of players just don't understand how a games AI works."

Probably because there is no artificial intelligence involved.

This thread is in the wrong forum area - please try to place your threads correctly according to subject matter.

I'm moving this to the Games forum.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:40 14 Jan 2019

MJS WARLORD you may be thinking of the start of The Dark Brotherhood quest line.

You speak to Aventus Aretino in Windhelm, kill Grelod the (not) Kind in Riften and report back to Aventus. You will then, after a delay, be handed a message from The Dark Brotherhood (DB): "We Know what you did". After that, the next time you sleep in an inn you will be kidnapped, taken to a hut in the middle of nowhere and the main DB quest line begins.

I enjoy playing a sneaky, thieving murderer in Skyrim.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:42 14 Jan 2019

Goedemorgen wee eddie.

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