Identification Longshot and Talking Point 2006

  Brumas2 21:30 29 Jun 2018

Good Evening All

This village has a quite distinctive crossroads.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:56 29 Jun 2018

lake district possibly Grasmere?

  Govan1x 12:19 01 Jul 2018

Tried aerial view to find it with no luck. got a coupls of lookalikes but nothing definite.

Looks like one that can be solved.

  QuizMan 23:29 03 Jul 2018

I've been looking at these on and off for a few days, but am getting nowhere fast. I cannot even decide if it is UK or abroad. On the one hand we appear to have a couple of vehicles nearest the camera driving on the right and the furthest one, a bus possibly, on the left. The buildings look British though. And is that two lakes or a wide river in the background? Who knows?

  Taff™ 10:14 04 Jul 2018

I think abroad. Look at the whiter road in the foreground. Possibly that isn't tarmac and if you drive on the right you would carry that surface onto the tarmac as in the picture, when you joined the main road.

The Bus looks more like a lorry perhaps or has a distinctive "Cab" for the driver if it is a bus. Also on that whiter foreground road a lot of pedestrians. Nearer the junction is that a cyclist riding towards them on the right hand side of the road?

  wee eddie 11:14 04 Jul 2018

It's not France. The windows would have Shutters

  Middle of the Road 13:08 04 Jul 2018

I wonder if the printers turned the negative over and that we are seeing a mirror image.

Increasing the size onscreen, the first two vehicles are lorries and I feel sure that the third is a double-decker bus. The height of what is above the driver's cab seems to be too high for anything else and looking closely there appears to be the boarding platform at the rear. The route-master did have that sort of bulge in front of the driver's cab but I cannot see if the near side of the cab is set back.

  Brumas 13:28 04 Jul 2018

Looking, under a glass, the two lorries appear to be parked and the double-decker seems to be driving NW up the road. With absolutely no evidence, other than a gut feeling and the wide road, I think it is somewhere in Scotland.

  Middle of the Road 14:48 04 Jul 2018


My apologies, I think that you are correct about the bus - what I thought was a narrowing of the cab appears to be the platform and what I thought was the platform the overhang by the cab.

  Brumas 18:01 04 Jul 2018

Middle of the Road, no need for apologies old pal - there is no right or wrong way of assessing these images.

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