I have to take my hat off to Trump...

  Quickbeam 06:03 10 Jun 2018

in having come up with an actual good idea that would solve all of the current trade war aggravation and Brexit grief at a stroke.

Trump suggests G7 tariff free zone.

Now we only need to know if he was actually serious, or was it just some random thought that passed by like most of his thoughts are!

  Belatucadrus 11:46 10 Jun 2018

The main problem Trump has created for himself is the impression that there is no trade deal or international agreement that he will not renege on at the drop of a hat. Finding anybody who will trust him to stick to any deal is becoming increasingly difficult. Add to that his ability to shoot out off the cuff insults to his "Friends and Allies" in his daily twitterfarts and you wonder what if anything he'll achieve in any term over twenty four hours.

  Quickbeam 12:19 10 Jun 2018

Very true, but the idea is beautifully simple should anyone dare to see it be taken to a conclusion.

  wee eddie 13:40 10 Jun 2018

After the G7 fiasco, no one will ever trust him again. Assuming that they did in the first place.

Poor Americans, once a great people, let down by a two faced opportunist

  Quickbeam 16:20 10 Jun 2018

The way they feel now they might just want to kick him out to become the G6!

He breezed in like a surprise tsunami and pulled out leaving a wake of economic turmoil...

  Belatucadrus 16:58 10 Jun 2018

On the Trump - Trudeau issue, I think the problem is that The Trumpster doesn't actually listen to what people say, he just notes how they're behaving. Trudeau wasn't turning a lurid shade of purple swearing up a storm, so he must have been happy. Must have come as a hell of a surprise to POTARSE when the Google translation protocol translated from English to Trumpese didn't come up with.

Oooooh Mr President you're so hunky and I just lurve all your policies, can I have a wig like yours ?

It was the same when he spoke to the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, first thing that the Mexican head of state does is addresses the elephant in the room and says they aren't paying for the wall. Trump didn't hear this, lost in a make believe world of his own he then reports they had a good conversation and didn't talk about the wall.

So many bad hombres and dishonest people in the world I mean what's the world coming to when the President has to actually pay attention to what other heads of state are saying when they talk to him.

  rickf 17:11 10 Jun 2018

tariff free zone in g7 Wouldn't work in the real world.

  Quickbeam 17:31 10 Jun 2018

No, but it's a good notion though. Unfortunately it seems to have gone right over his head that China would then be free to off loads all their cheap steel into the USA, which of course is what started all the trade aggro.

As Belatucadrus pointed out above, Trump isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer...

  BT 08:37 11 Jun 2018

He reminds me of an American 'Manager' that we had foisted on our Company a few years ago. Thought he could come to the UK and run the business in the same way that American business is run. He would threaten to sack people on a daily basis for the most trivial reasons, but our Union soon put him straight on that one. He would go around shouting and throwing his toys out of his pram on a daily basis. and the last straw was when he came into our Laboratory and because he didn't like something started throwing things around. We all walked out and left him to it and called in our Union rep.

  rickf 09:03 11 Jun 2018

BT Was that an earlier version of Trump???

  BT 17:31 11 Jun 2018

BT Was that an earlier version of Trump???

Could well have been. As I said he reminded me very much of Trump in his attitude.

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