How to exclude a member From a social club

  Leslie Capocciama 16:24 27 Jul 2018

We are a sport and social club and the committee would like to exclude a member who is disrupting the club

  Forum Editor 16:56 27 Jul 2018

Presumably your club has a set of rules, and presumably one of those rules says that any member who persistently acts in a manner that is likely to bring the club into disrepute, or whose behaviour is detrimental to the atmosphere enjoyed by other members may be liable to have his/her membership withdrawn by the committee.

You need to be aware that a committee cannot simply expel a member from a membership club because it fancies doing so - the rules set out in the club's constitution have to be meticulously followed. If you don't do that, you may find yourself facing legal action for the member to be reinstated, and if your club's rules did not contain a clause like the one I mentioned above, or you did not allow the person concerned an opportunity to state his or her side of the picture to the committee, the action would almost certainly succeed.

Normally an expulsion would not take place unless the member concerned has received at least two previous written warnings, accompanied by whatever evidence of misconduct is available. It's important to remember that the decision to expel someone must be a fair one - there must be no hint that the people who took the decision were in any way personally prejudiced - by being involved in a personal dispute with the member concerned, for instance.

Generally, unless the misconduct was very serious, or was repeated many times, it is normal to start by suspending the person's membership for a period, rather than moving straight to expulsion. Suspension can be accompanied by a written notification to the effect that once the member has been allowed back to the club, any repetition of the misconduct would result in immediate expulsion without further warning.

  bumpkin 22:25 27 Jul 2018

We are a sport and social club and the committee would like to exclude a member who is disrupting the club

I was a committee member of a social club and had to deal with such issues which we probably did wrong according to FE but nobody sued us. If a licensed premises, the licensee as I understand it can refuse entry and to serve alcohol without giving a reason

  Forum Editor 22:59 27 Jul 2018

"....which we probably did wrong according to FE"

My advice is based on the possibilities, not the probabilities. You might well think that the probability of a member taking legal action is slim, but it is possible and it has happened on many occasions.

It's better to be aware of this, before any action is taken, especially when it's pretty easy to avoid ending up in court.

  bumpkin 13:07 28 Jul 2018

It was not intended as a criticism, had I known that at the time I would have been more cautious.

  bumpkin 13:15 29 Jul 2018

Archie, that was our normal action.

  bremner 19:06 29 Jul 2018

As has been said you need to comply with the membership rules. A club I was a member of had a clause that provided membership removal by the committee for gross misconduct without a verbal, written or final warning necessary. What constituted gross misconduct was clearly defined.

  rdave13 21:14 29 Jul 2018

Put your best Marlon Brando make-up on;

and simply say; It’s not personal. It’s business.


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