Have you got a smart meter?

  oresome 16:33 10 Jan 2019

The cost is around £374 per dual fuel customer, although this is considered to be an underestimate.

It is claimed smart meters will save households an average of £18 a year between 2013 and 2030 after they have met the costs of the programme.

Whether this guess, sorry analysis takes account of the fact that most of those already installed are now dumb meters I don't know.

Those that have them, has it cut down your useage long term or does the meter get ignored after the first few weeks?


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  Aitchbee 17:03 10 Jan 2019

My energy supplier has tried a coupla times to get me to use a smart meter - twice I've declined their offer. I use a local laudrette about once a fortnight [out of necessity] but recently noticed that some of their dryers are performing non-uniformally; when I put my palms against the glass doors to feel the heat generated when tumble-drying equal loads ;o]

  john bunyan 17:05 10 Jan 2019

I have refused one until the mark 2 ones come that are ok with alternative suppliers. A radio report today said that after a while people don’t bother to look at them and the savings are small.

  KEITH 1955 17:38 10 Jan 2019

I recently had friends round for dinner then one of them said he had got a job telephone marketing smart meters for the company who makes them , its commonly know as cold calling but of course you know that don't you ! Anyway he went on to say the reasons for pushing meters is because in a few years grid electricity companies "claim" they wont be able to produce enough electricity and random power cuts may happen. The thinking behind meters is that if you have something to look at that tells you how much you are using you will cut down !

Personally speaking if I was told I MUST have a meter it would not make me alter my lifestyle , I would still have a bath , boil a kettle , use the pc and tv and put a light on when its dark !

  Quickbeam 17:39 10 Jan 2019

Ditto, I don't want one unless it'll work with any supplier.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 10 Jan 2019

Yes I have smart meters, were changed mid last year and is supposed to be a mark 2 version.

does the meter get ignored after the first few weeks?

I can't remember last time I looked at it ;0) so yes it does get ignored I use what I need and don't worry about whether it tuns red or stays green.

Bill wise, I'm up on electrical usage from last year but down on gas, bills are more accurate so only about £10 in credit which means the cash is in my account not theirs.

  Pine Man 18:52 10 Jan 2019

Yes I have got one. I don't get any real benefit from it other than continual readings by my provider to ensure that I am paying the correct monthly sum.

The cost quoted of £374 is being paid by everybody whether they have a meter or not and the savings are an absolute nonsence. IMHO of course!!

  wee eddie 22:34 10 Jan 2019

A Smart Meter is a Trojan Horse. It will allow the electricity company to control your supply

Not only is it unable to do anything that you cannot do yourself, like switching off appliances when they are not needed. There is evidence that on a considerable number of occasions of Smart Meters have incorrectly read the use and reported excesses of consumption.

Current models are said to be less accurate/reliable than the traditional meter

  KEITH 1955 23:27 10 Jan 2019

I once phoned my local supplier to ask if their was a faulty in the area as lights and things in power points were doing odd things , went to bed early and as I was nodding off I saw flashing lights and I thought , I know I had some whisky but I'm sober. Turned out to be lights on electric mans van , he had OPENED MY METER BOX and started playing around with wires . So 2 things here I was never told they were coming out and also they never knocked on door !

Edited to remove inappropriate content. FE 11/01/19

  Peter~24 23:57 10 Jan 2019

I think the main benefit of everyone having a smart meter is that the energy companies won't have to send out meter readers. That will be a saving for the energy companies, not for the customers.


  Forum Editor 09:15 11 Jan 2019

"....he had OPENED MY METER BOX and started playing around with wires . So 2 things here I was never told they were coming out and also they never knocked on door !"

That's the whole point of an external meter box - it enables the meter owner (which isn't you) to access the equipment without having to enter the premises. The power supplier does not need your consent to enter your garden to access an external meter box, and nobody has to inform you before a visit is made.

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