has gaming caused you any health problems

  MJS WARLORD 15:13 16 Jun 2018

This is a large posting but please take the time to read it , I would be grateful for any feedback if any of it relates to you.

I am 62 and have been a die hard gamer since 1982 when I started by using a zx81 , to cut a long story short I moved to pc gaming in 2002 , I guess you can imagine all the changes I have seen in different aspects of gaming over the past 36 years.

Anyway , to the point of my post , for legal reasons games companies put seizure warnings on boxes just to cover themselves. luckily I have never had one.

I have always said years of gaming has never affected me but I am now beginning to think otherwise. I game about 5 hours per day Monday to Friday and in between other things that need sorting out I spend most of the weekend gaming.

As games become more intense you need to be in the zone more and if I go too long a session I feel physically drained. Also , burning too much midnight oil makes me feel shattered when I get up the next morning and I still have to go to work.

I do not believe my eyesight has suffered because I have a glasses prescription midway between reading and distance use that is just right for all my pc use.

I have problems with my elbows from years of resting them on the arms of the office chair.

I am currently having problems with my hands. My fingers are all twisted and at work I cant pick up small screws without dropping them. I think years of typing have damaged the nerve ends of my fingers because on a bad day I cant grip a bag of crisps and pull them open. The first joint on 2 fingers on my right hand have large lumps of bone build up on them , again I think I must reluctantly admit this has been caused by 16 years of mouse tapping.

TIPS ..... Take regular breaks and have a little walk round the room during a gams session. Make sure you have plenty of support in a good quality office chair. I personally rest my feet on the castor base of my chair to take strain from my back. Finally , make sure you have padding on the arms of the chair , make your own even if it looks out of place.

  Quickbeam 17:43 16 Jun 2018

is knitting a dangerous pass time as well!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 16 Jun 2018

Twisted fingers and bumps are arthritis, long sessions give physical burn out - what do you expect in your sixties?

  lotvic 18:07 16 Jun 2018

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  techblogger911 08:30 22 Jun 2018

video games also cause dopamine to be released, so idk man do whatever you want but you should probably move around every now and then to promote blood flow.

  oresome 09:09 22 Jun 2018

This is clearly obsessive behaviour and I think you could do with help to wean you off it.

I'm not saying this in a light hearted manner. I think it's a serious issue that apparently affects a lot of people.

  bumpkin 13:09 22 Jun 2018

Gaming on Betfair can be deppresing on bad days.

  john bunyan 16:07 22 Jun 2018

With the greatest respect , if you spend 35 hours a week gaming , I imagine it would play havoc not only with your physical and mental health but destroy personal relationships. Do you have other sport or pastimes?

If I were a relative of yours I would be worried that you have an addiction that could harm you unless dealt with. Please forgive bluntness!

  oresome 07:39 23 Jun 2018

"A London hospital is preparing to launch the first ever NHS-funded internet addiction centre for young people and adults, the Guardian can reveal."


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  MJS WARLORD 09:25 23 Jun 2018

Hi to john bunyan ... my wife dont mind me gaming a lot , despite her being in a wheelchair for over 45 years we do lots of things together such as going to concerts , holidays and dolphin watching in scotland .... at the moment i think gaming is my way of shutting out all the crap thats going on in the real world.

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