Embattled high street, closures soar.

  oresome 11:35 09 Nov 2018

There's a multitude of reasons for this, growth of on-line shopping, austerity etc.

But I'm wondering if an aging population has any bearing on it?

Looking at my own spending pattern, or lack of, it's not due to a lack of money. Rather I've got everything I want for a simple but comfortable existence and can't see the point of throwing something serviceable out to replace it with something else that does much the same thing but probably won't last as long and our four bedroomed house is full of clutter with just the two of us living in it without buying more.

On the other hand I get a surprise at the prices in the shops when I do eventually come to buy something because it's been so long since I last looked.

  john bunyan 12:07 09 Nov 2018

I agree; last week we wanted a home haircutting machine to replace a 25 year old one( my wife is my barber among other things) The model we bought was £39 at Amazon vs £59 at Argos and arrived next day - a Sunday not using Prime. My wife occasionally goes to a clothes shop like M&S but they rarely have the size on the rail. She uses a catalogue home shop most of the time. Our last freezer lasted over 30 years. I am sorry for the retail sector but it seems to be in decline

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