donald trump is a liability

  KEITH 1955 13:44 15 Jul 2018

Trump goes on twitter every day and has a rant before breakfast and then his advisors have to face the media to repair the damage his mouth has done.

twitter is for people not presidents.

have you counted how many staff he has got rid of , he even sacked a long service military man the day before he retired , end result very reduced pension.

have you noticed at meetings he stops mid sentence then carries on , its almost as if he has an ear piece you cant see and is getting told what to say …. when Ronald Reagan started having health problems their were rumours that his staff actually did this to him.

he does not seem to realise how much damage he is doing to his own country , due to trade embargoes Harley Davidson are taking the bulk of production overseas because they cant get the raw materials they need. What kind of message does that send out to others companies when an icon of the usa throws in the towel.

personally speaking when he first came to power I put breakfast news on every morning before going to work because he waved a big stick at a lot of countries. I fully expected him to start an all out war with somebody.

  Govan1x 13:50 15 Jul 2018

Still waving the big stick about but is getting results. Whether they backfire on him we will to wait and see.

  Quickbeam 14:18 15 Jul 2018

But his big Brexit strategy to sue the EU wasn't thought through too well judging by the hard to keep straight faces of May and Marr this morning

  wee eddie 15:39 15 Jul 2018

He's a oaf

  john bunyan 15:55 15 Jul 2018

He may be all of those things but many Americans think he is doing well - Stocks, unemployment, Defence Spending all improved . He is talking of trying for a second term and it seems quite likely he would get one. Amazing that such a talented country could elect someone like him. However We voted for Brexit - some think that was odd!

  Quickbeam 16:44 15 Jul 2018

Shouldn't it be He's 'an' oaf...?

  wee eddie 16:57 15 Jul 2018

I wasn't planning to waste more clicks on him than was absolutely necessary

  Quickbeam 17:22 15 Jul 2018

But you did wee eddie!

  BT 09:18 16 Jul 2018

He's a typical American Business Boss.

When I was working our company had an American Manager brought over. What a disaster he was. He would threaten to sack people for the most trivial of reasons and threw his toys out of the pram on a daily basis. Fortunately our Union reigned him back and educated him into the British way of things. We know several Americans and they seem to accept that they can loose their jobs at the whim of their employers and have no or little job protection.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:12 16 Jul 2018

donald trump is a liability

I wouldn't be so complimentary.

  Forum Editor 14:45 16 Jul 2018

It really doesn't matter what you think about Donald Trump, he is the American President, and we have to deal with him.

Eventually, there will be someone else in that office and we'll have to deal with that person - it has always been like that.

We can huff and puff about the man, but we should at least respect the office. We need a trade deal with America, and Trump will get behind that... provided we don't go out of our way to offend him.

He isn't a career politician, he's a businessman and he looks at everything from a business perspective. He knows how to get what he wants, and he is not someone who has ever practiced diplomacy. I disagree with a lot of what he says and does, but I get the impression that once he has decided where his loyalties lie he doesn't waver. He expects his friends to be the same, and he is genuinely shocked when someone betrays his trust. We may come to understand how he can be a very useful ally, let's hope we don't discover what an implacable enemy he would make.

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