Debit card payments more popular than cash

  Cymro. 10:58 18 Jun 2018

BBC link

I dare say it is much the same with us all these days. Even as on O.A.P. I find we use much less cash than we used to.

  mole44 11:04 18 Jun 2018

Cash will always be the king in essence untraceable,any use of cards leaves a digital footprint.

  wee eddie 11:04 18 Jun 2018

Card Payment has one problem. It is on record

  wee eddie 11:05 18 Jun 2018


  oresome 11:36 18 Jun 2018

Having a record of expenditure is exactly what I want, which is why I don't use cash, contactless or indeed a debit card often.

I prefer one statement at the end of the month.

  bumpkin 19:07 18 Jun 2018

Cash is king, no reason why you can't record it even if others choose not to.

  morddwyd 19:36 18 Jun 2018

I very rarely use cash, even small amounts, any more. Keep a couple of pound coins in my pocket but don'f even need them for supermarket trolleys any more. Bought a pack of aspirin for 89 Pence last Thursday and used a coin, but no cash since. My last ATM withdrawal was at least three weeks ago, and only because I knew the gardener was coming!

Card (contactless) or walk through phone for me every time.

  Aitchbee 21:28 18 Jun 2018

morddwyd, My last ATM withdrawal was at least three weeks ago, and only because I knew the gardener was coming!

Would that be part of a hedge fund? ;o]

  BT 08:12 19 Jun 2018

..but don't even need them for supermarket trolleys any more

Depends on your Supermarket I suppose. My local Tesco superstore has changed all the trolley locks to accept the new £1 coins, but they won't take trolley tokens now. My local Co-Op convenience store trollies still only take old £1 coins as do the trollies at Pets At Home (I use a trolley to carry my cat's cage when I take him to the Vet as I can't carry it the length of the store and up the lift anymore, he's too heavy and my Sciatica won't allow it.)

I had to use a Cab last week to go to the Eye Clinic and paid with Cash. Wouldn't know whether they accept cards these days, its the first time I've used a Cab since 2012.

  Pine Man 10:40 19 Jun 2018

If possible I will only use a credit card

I see the recording of my transactions as a positive and look forward each year to cash back payments well in excess of £250 for an annual subscription of £25.

  BT 11:55 19 Jun 2018

..for an annual subscription of £25.

When Barclaycard and Access started charging an annual subscription many years ago I cancelled them and any others wanting a subscription and went with free ones.

These days my main card is a Tesco Credit card for which I get Clubcard points in varying amounts depending on where its used, but I reckon I get at least £100+ per annum in points. I have a Capital One card with an insanely high credit limit which I keep active as I never know when/if I will need it, and an MBNA which started life as an Amazon Credit Card. The main point is of course that I don't pay a subscription for any of them and the interest rate is competitive.

My Bank account is a Barclays Premier which gives me certain advantages on my Debit Card including higher daily ATM withdrawal limits, but I rarely use it as a method of payment

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