Charge point for your car or sprinkler system?

  Cymro. 11:17 09 Jul 2018

BBC link

I have no objections to electric cars charge points in new build houses but are there not more important things that could be put in new houses. Surely a sprinkler system to stop fires should get priority. There may well be other suggestions as to what should be included in every new house. What if anything do you think should be build in as standard on all new houses

  Pine Man 12:02 09 Jul 2018

What if anything do you think should be build in as standard on all new houses

If global warming is here to stay - Air Conditioning!!!

  wee eddie 12:26 09 Jul 2018

Electric Vehicles are evolving quite fast at the present. I doubt that the Fuelling Systems of today will be that similar to those in 5 years time. Let alone 20 years time.

It is my opinion that Urban & Metropolitan Car Owners will be few and far between in 10 years time. Possibly replaced by On-Demand Vehicles, of the autonomous, self guided variety, either on a fee for each journey basis, Leased or Co-Owned

  wee eddie 12:29 09 Jul 2018

If you live out in the sticks, things will very likely be different. The economics of 'frequent use' will not be viable there

Of course, the hayseeds will need their Land Rovers way into the further reaches of time

  oresome 13:53 09 Jul 2018

A sprinkler system in every new house is over the top for the risk involved in my opinion but hard wired smoke alarms would make sense if they are not already mandatory.

Besides charging points we need space for multiple vehicles per household. Modest semis on the street where I live generally have a commuting car per adult plus some have a weekend sports car or a motorhome or caravan on the drive.

Try fitting that lot on a new build plot.

  john bunyan 14:37 09 Jul 2018

I think new builds should have very high insulation levels ; solar panels plus one of those new batteries that means you are more than self sufficient. New homes like these would be inked to the National grid to form , in the future, millions of mini power stations. Providing a charging point without carbon capture at power stations merely transfers pollution from road to power station.

  john bunyan 14:38 09 Jul 2018

Inked = linked !

  x123 15:30 09 Jul 2018

Thankfully the population of the UK appear to stop smoking in droves over the last few years.

Electric cars will in a few years outstrip petrol.

The government must be loosing quite a lot of revenue in tobacco tax and will loose a lot in petrol tax.

Will electric charging points be heavily taxed or can they get more revenue from standard taxation?

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