brexit brexit brexit what does it all mean

  KEITH 1955 16:05 13 Jan 2019

ok so if we had a country wide vote to bring back hanging or something simple like raising the voting age then its obvious what the end result will be , either you cast enough votes to bring them back or not.

With regards to Brexit if we stayed in Europe obviously nothing will change.

Does anyone actually know what will happen to our daily lives AFTER we leave Europe. My own personal views are that I think European countries who we currently trade with will either refuse to deal with us or cranks up the prices of the goods we want. In the long term holding us to ransom might be a good thing because it might encourage new or existing businesses to make and sell things with made in Britain stamped on them.

I recently lost 2 weeks pay because some electric motors my company wanted were in lockdown at Liverpool docks and we use them in everything we make. Even if we were prepared to pay top price for them , nobody in this country makes or sells them.

  wee eddie 18:16 13 Jan 2019

A short period of disorganization.

Then, if they want to sell and we want to buy, or vice versa, there will be forms to fill in and border checks, prices will change but the world will keep turning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 13 Jan 2019

Think we should treat all Brexit posts as spam

and just get on with our lives!

  wee eddie 18:21 13 Jan 2019

All this talk of Trade Deals is flim flame, to give Politicians a job. Lack of a Trade Deal has never stopped trade.

They are just a way of giving one Nation's products an advantage over another's

  Quickbeam 18:22 13 Jan 2019

Wait til Brexit the game comes out!

Hours, nay years, of family division and angst....

  Aitchbee 21:16 13 Jan 2019

Brexit special.

Latest betting on what the UK government officially rations first in 2019.

Fuel 7/1.

Milk 11/1.

Bread 16/1.

Olive Oil 16/1.

Cheese 18/1.

Coffee 20/1.

Butter 20/1.

Tomatoes 25/1.

Red Wine 33/1.

White wine 33/1.

Gin 50/1.

Champagne 125/1.

Prosecco 125/1.

Mars Bars 150/1.

  wee eddie 21:36 13 Jan 2019

Now, rationing waffle would be a good idea

  Aitchbee 21:39 13 Jan 2019

I agree wee eddie, espesh. from feeble-minded politicians.

  Quickbeam 21:47 13 Jan 2019

Here's an interesting view on how this debacle is affecting until now accepted parliamentary procedure.

  Quickbeam 22:11 13 Jan 2019

I meant to post that on the sensible Brexit thread... I'll repost it.

  Quickbeam 22:20 13 Jan 2019

Does my last post qualify as an example of an oxymoron...?

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