Boris and the continuing Burqa saga

  oresome 08:26 10 Aug 2018

I'm surprised there has been no mention that I can see on the forum of the recent events concerning Boris

Is this a symptom of how we as a society are cowed by political correctness from expressing a view?

  john bunyan 09:04 10 Aug 2018

If Boris were only a journalist, then such rather “sixth form” humour might be unwise but counted as free speech. For an MP , former foreign secretary, and potential Tory leader it was , in my view, a stupid error of judgment that is very damaging to the Tories. Labour are immersed in anti Semitic matters , and with 4million Muslims here, this article was totally unnessesary. Several senior Tories, such as Dominic Greive, have said they would leave the party if he were leader. I, for one, think he is a very well educated, lazy, clever, buffoon who would be a disaster as PM. He should stick to journalism or Corbyn could well get a boost.

  LastChip 09:06 10 Aug 2018

Yes, it is. We're told we live in a country that allows free speech. But in reality, if we say anything out of line, (and I say this as a white native Englishman) we're branded racist.

Those who say difficult conversations must be had are (in my view) right and constantly shutting down debate, is unhealthy and will ultimately lead to disruption.

Boris made a statement in his own imitable way, which was then deemed inflammatory. Well, perhaps it was, but it sure as hell got people taking and that's exactly what should be happening.

The biggest mistake politicians made was to try and make this country multicultural. To a point, we've coped with it remarkable well, but it's going to come to a head.

As a child, I was taught, if you want to go and live in another country, you obey their laws and live in their society as they do. You DON'T try and set up your own independent society within. The last part is what many immigrants fail to recognise.

I fairly recently spent a spell in hospital and was eternally grateful for what seemed like the United Nations looking after me. There are those who come here to work, integrate and generally accept our way of life. To them I say, welcome and thank you for coming. For those that don't - well I'd better stop there for fear of being called racist.

  [DELETED] 09:18 10 Aug 2018

I totally agree with LastChip .

  Al94 09:49 10 Aug 2018

So do I.

  wee eddie 10:10 10 Aug 2018

So do I

  lotvic 10:35 10 Aug 2018

The British Empire... karma

  Pine Man 10:40 10 Aug 2018

I seem to remember a few years back that a lot of forum members were calling Boris a buffoon and other names whereas others (and you know who you are) said quite the opposite and that he shouldn't be underestimated.

In recent months he has well and truly earned the title of buffoon and will those others still suggest the opposite?

  Govan1x 11:22 10 Aug 2018

I think he was quite right to mention it, But his choice of words were not appropriate.

I think he sees Trump getting away with messages not unlike his and thinks it will make the No1 to be our next PM.

My view is that it will drop him down the list considerably.

  Al94 11:23 10 Aug 2018

Never underestimate Boris! He was a far better Mayor of London than his successor, actually achieved many things whereas the current incumbent has done nothing other than to use it as a platform to further his own ego and to knock the Tories. To dismiss Boris as a "buffoon" is simplistic in the extreme.

  Cymro. 11:35 10 Aug 2018

oresome I'm surprised there has been no mention that I can see on the forum of the recent events concerning Boris

I think we have just got tired of Boris. It seems much the same with BREXIT as there is very little on this Forum about that these days. I suppose we can only take so much.

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