BBC to show World Cup in 4K UHD

  martd7 10:25 31 May 2018

Finally the BBC has announced it will be showing the World cup in 4k and VR too

See the BBC sport here

click here

  Menzie 00:37 01 Jun 2018

I haven't even upgraded to a 4K TV yet. I have a Philips 40" LED that has served me well.

It does 1080p, has a great picture and with the distance that I sit from it it looks large enough.

No need to change it as yet.

  morddwyd 09:17 01 Jun 2018

55" is a giant tv to me

Me too, but needs must when the devil drives!

I still have ro sit within a metre or so.

  bumpkin 20:42 01 Jun 2018

I thought in your case it may be your eyesight which is understandable. What puzzles me is why some people have to have massive great TVs which are completely dissroportionate to their room size.

  Aitchbee 22:18 03 Jun 2018

I won't be watching the WC, but I can't see any discernible difference between UHD and HD.

Tonight on Antiques Roadshow in HD I noticed a slight blurring of the screen image whilst watching a flat-iron contraption made to hold umpteen flat-irons [Tortoise model] as the camera slowly panned across the object.

I suppose an Ultra High Definition set-up would eliminate this kind of niggly aberration.

  BT 09:02 04 Jun 2018

Antiques Roadshow in HD I noticed a slight blurring of the screen image..

Can't say I noticed any problem. My TV is 1080p Full HD although the V6 box reckons its 1080i on its auto detection setup. The TV Manual says its compatible with all formats but the onscreen setup has it set for 1080p. I've tried it on 1080p and 1080i on the V6 and can't notice any difference.

As to the World Cup being broadcast in 4k, I'm pretty sure that most of the people watching won't really care, as a goodly number will probably have had a few sherbets and the sharpness of the picture won't be their main concern.

  martd7 10:03 04 Jun 2018


No to be fair I wouldn't have thought so,the disadvantage of a 4k TV is it upscales all the other 1080,576,480p programmes and some look ok some look a bit soft on the edges out of focus,especially some older programs,most HD stuff scales up ok but to me even some of that doesn't look great,mines a budget Samsung 50" ,£479 so not as good as the higher range of tvs

  martd7 12:14 04 Jun 2018


My TiVo box always defaulted to 1080i for my Panasonic 1080p there was no 1080p to choose from,far as I know "I" stands for Interleave and "P" Progressive,no idea what the difference is

  martd7 15:13 04 Jun 2018

Hi yes I had read that and yes my TV supports that format though ive read its "botched software" and HDR modes colours are all over the place on the Samsung

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