Anyone watch the Champions League Football in 4k

  martd7 15:32 27 May 2018

Watched this through BTsports in 4k, the detail was amazing,not a bad game either other than Liverpool's goalkeeper gifting 2goals to Madrid

  Aitchbee 16:31 27 May 2018

Not on 4k (whatever that is) but I watched most of it on a lil' 'ol' 24in HD enabled TV as I had several bets on the outcome. As an aside, my Virgin Box was not switched on for several weeks over the C*s period. So, I had to go through a reactivation routine to get my TIVO box to work again and lo-and-behold I've now got a cornucopia of extra channels I did not have before including BT Sport! Still can't get the premium sky sports channels though, but appreciate Virgin's goodwill gesture as I am a very loyal customer.

I'm looking forward to the football World Cup Finals from Russia where I hope England will do well.

  mrcalif 16:43 27 May 2018

Was it just box standard 4K???

  martd7 16:54 27 May 2018


You have to pay for sky sports

4k is Ultra high definition

Mr calif Box standard 4k? I assume your asking if it was HDR,not as far as I'm aware,there was a message in the corner of the screen saying "press red button for 4k " whichever,it really was superb quality

  mrcalif 17:14 27 May 2018

No didn't watch it.

However the 4K HDR of click here was amazing.

As my TV supports all the current 4K formats (Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG) I'm kind of future proofed until HDR+10 comes out.

  martd7 17:26 27 May 2018

There is rumour BBC are looking to transmit the World cup in 4k but as yet no confirmation

  Quickbeam 19:58 27 May 2018

I don't even bother selecting the normal High Definition because I have to go out of my way to see where it is!

Having said that I'm watching The Dirty Dozen on channel obscure also doing social media on the phone and some stuff on the PC, so 425 lines quality is plenty good enough for me...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:00 27 May 2018


I think you'll find it was 405 lines - until 625 came out although that was quite a few years ago.


  Quickbeam 22:17 27 May 2018

I must admit that 625 was quite an obvious improvement over 405...

Initially only on BBC2 I think as Saturday afternoon films were much clearer on there!

  mrcalif 22:49 27 May 2018

There's always a Luddite.

  Quickbeam 07:49 28 May 2018

Anyone know why I'm having trouble tuning my cat's whisker set into the light programme lately...?

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