Advice on Paper to print a book

  Ex plorer 09:41 10 Oct 2018

Hi i'm having a go at writing a book, I intend to print the book on my printer and bind it. The only thing i am having difficulty with is where to buy the correct paper in A5 sheets. Weight etc. I don't want bright white more off white if possible. I cant find a direct answer on the net, where to buy in the UK. I can cut A4 into A5 if that helps. Cheer's

  bumpkin 15:54 10 Oct 2018

This any good click here

  wee eddie 16:17 10 Oct 2018

Books are usually printed on "Unglazed" paper. If you use unglazed paper in an Inkjet, the ink will run.

You will need to use a Laser Printer

  Ex plorer 17:21 10 Oct 2018

Thanks bumpkin I will take a look. Thanks wee eddie never thought of that I was looking for a Matt paper but that's a little different I think.

  bumpkin 18:15 10 Oct 2018

scroll down in the link

  MJS WARLORD 23:45 11 Oct 2018

I use a5 all the time I get it from rymans paper code 0201030516 no bar code on card so go on there site , btw if you look at binders on there site don't go for the cheaper plastic looking one its rubbish get the more expensive metal one , one other thing , ignore the binder packet instructions you wont get the recommended sheets per binder as they tend to jump out and p you off, go for a big scroll

  Ex plorer 17:46 15 Oct 2018

Hi I am looking for a printer that can do double sided printing on A5 paper.

My old Epson XP-610 can print double sided A4 but not A5 unless I turn the page over manually. with nearly 900 pages I don't want to go down that road.

So, an A4 that will do A5 double sided, or a stand alone A5 double sided printer. Mono only is fine.

Anyone point me in the right direction around the £100 mark.

  bumpkin 19:14 15 Oct 2018

Can you not print them in batches of say 100 then turn them over for the other side.

  wee eddie 20:47 15 Oct 2018

I suppose much will depend on your Binding Method

  bumpkin 21:21 15 Oct 2018

with nearly 900 pages

In one book or is that for several copies.

  BT 08:39 16 Oct 2018

I think if I was wanting such a large amount of printing I would look into getting it done professionally. Someone like Staples have a printing service and it might work out cheaper overall, and you would get a good finished result.

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