Win Explorer/Network not showing connected units

  compumac 11:03 08 Jul 2018

Several PC's. Only one connected by RJT, the rest all wireless.

Using Windows Explorer/ Network it has always been possible to see the other units and their contents and transfer from one to the other.

Today - synchronisation works between them OK. - i.e. syncing sees the others.

Connected RJT unit can see contents of other units via Explorer/Network

Using Windows Explorer and Network on wireless units - non of the other units are visible.

Have turned off router and back on again and also same with PC's.

Any thoughts out there as to why the wireless units have lost the ability to see the other units via Explorer/Network?

  compumac 17:49 08 Jul 2018

Now even weirder.

The main PC connected by RJT to router, using Windows Explorer does not now show the other units under Windows Explorer/Network.

One of the units that previously did not show connected PC's now shows them under Windows Explorer/Network

A reversal from previously!

  compumac 09:55 09 Jul 2018


  compumac 21:48 10 Jul 2018

115 views but no comment?

  john bunyan 22:18 10 Jul 2018

I am not an expert but the latest W10 update stopped Homegroups which I used . There is a nearby sharing feature that I have yet to explore. Not sure if this update also affected your issue. Took me ages just to set up printing via my wireless laptop and my printer that is linked by printer cable to desktop normally, but it has wireless as well.

  wee eddie 22:58 10 Jul 2018

compumac: Comments only come from people who feel that they have something to offer.

If no one has a scoobie, you'll get few, or no, comments

  compumac 08:34 11 Jul 2018

john bunyan

I also believe that it is something to do with the latest Windows update as I have seemed to have mislaid the HomeGroup that was there but no longer displays.

I still am able to sync between all PC's via AllWay Sync, so that even though Windows Explorer/Network does no display the other units, they are still connected as they still sync.

  john bunyan 16:28 11 Jul 2018


Homegroup is no longer, even if the word still shows. Am working out how to use "Nearby sharing" which seems to be its semi replacement

  john bunyan 16:30 11 Jul 2018

PS See


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