Very slow brand new Lenovo PC

  Blair Geddes 10:27 12 Feb 2019

We have recently bought a new PC from Currys PC World (yes I know that is our 1st mistake). It's the below:

click here for it look ok, but out of the box it's awful. It's unbearably slow. Even just using Google Chrome on it's own, it lags massively, the noise coming from the poor machine is incredibly loud as it struggles to cope. We have deleted all of the junk off of it and any programs not required.

I recognise I need to spend money to improve the hardware, where would be best to spend money? Better spec hard drive?

A suggestion from a friend was to wipe it and start again. Not installing the default drivers, but to search online for latest drivers. Will that give much improvement? Can't really be done with wiping everything, we've used the PC for 2 months.

Any ideas greatly appreciated to speed up the PC cost effectively. If a cheaper solution is to buy a better PC from scratch, I'm open to that?


  qwbos 12:00 12 Feb 2019

Your link doesn't work, but at a guess, I'd suspect your PC (laptop?) comes complete with a load of bloatware that you neither want nor need.

First step would be to get rid of that and see what improvement you get. More details of model would help.

  Blair Geddes 12:03 12 Feb 2019

Thanks for your reply. Sorry the link didn't post. Perhaps you can't post external links in the forum? It's the below PC:

Lenovo IdeaCentre 310S-08ASR All-in-One Desktop PC - (Silver) (AM A9-9430 3.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, Windows 10 Home)

We paid £250 for it. Happy to spend another £100 - £150 or so on more hardware to add to the machine if that will make improvements?

All of the bloatware was removed as soon as I turned the PC on. But Windows 10 was already installed on it. My friend has suggested wiping it completely, re-installing Windows 10 from scratch, and then downloading most up to date drivers and only add programs needed?

Lack of SSD drive an issue for speed?

  compumac 12:15 12 Feb 2019

Contact Currys - First stop - like now BEFORE you do anything else.

  Blair Geddes 12:18 12 Feb 2019

Ok, thanks. I emailed them within 14 days of the purchase, but they basically said it's just a budget PC, and that performance is expected.... which I thought not a great response based on those specs. I'll go into the store this weekend and see if any more joy with a physical human being. They take over a week to reply to emails for their support.....

  wee eddie 12:40 12 Feb 2019

It is at the bottom of anyone's range of Budget PCs. Very, very, basic, just surfing, letter writing and watching movies, that's about all its good for

  Blair Geddes 12:43 12 Feb 2019

Yeah, even that it struggles with though. We have a 350MB download speed internet connection, it sometimes takes about 15 seconds to load a tab in Google Chrome that I can load on my PC in 1-2 seconds. It's the PC lag. If you try to do 2 things at once, it crashes the browser. So basically you click, then wait 10-15 seconds to click again. It's bordering on unusable.

If Currys PC World again say, that's just it, and that's how it is supposed to run, is it worth me trying to upgrade? Or just get rid of it and buy more expensive PC?

  HondaMan 12:57 12 Feb 2019

Argue that it's not fit for purpose. If it takes 15s to load a tab then it IS far too slow!

  qwbos 13:10 12 Feb 2019

the noise coming from the poor machine is incredibly loud as it struggles to cope

HDD or fans? Neither should be noisy with light load.

  martd7 17:46 12 Feb 2019

I have a client with that exact laptop and it is not slow at all,used for browsing,emails,general Ms Word and Excel

So I would definitely return it

  qwbos 18:21 12 Feb 2019

My (dead) laptop has a Celeron N2830. Much weaker processor but didn't display any of the problems you're experiencing.

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