Processor Interrupts issue after fixing BSOD issue

  Haunted PC 10:26 14 Jun 2018

I am being haunted by my inability to solve or even identify this issue i have, so i would appreciate any help. Last week my PC was fine, i was browsing youtube and suddenly i got a blue screen error, i hadn't seen one in years. After taking a picture of the BSOD's code with my smartphone i let the PC reset so i could troubleshoot it, but after that every time i logged to windows 10 my PC would BSOD after around 15 seconds even if i just left it alone after logging in, it even got no blue screen code sometimes, and i saw at least two different stop codes when it did. These codes were DRIVERIRQLNOTLESSOR_EQUAL WdNisDrv.sys , SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, and a different one i couldn't photograph quick enough. I figured the driver one was related to networking but couldn't find anything specific and i was caught in a BSOD loop, so i decided to do a small test.

I booted in safe mode the pc seemed fine, so i decided to boot in safe mode with networking and the pc was fine but it was slower, and that prompted me to think it might be my MB's integrated network card was faulty or at least its drivers (i don't own any network cards to check with or replacement MB etc. I don't work IT and this is my own PC), so i updated the drivers on my motherboard, safe mode w network seemed to work faster, so i tried booting without safe mode, now my PC doesn't BSOD anymore.

But I'm still having networking issues and whats more performance issues, i noticed whenever I'm watching a video (specially online) the audio cuts off for a second at random intervals, or that starting up any browser will cause my computer to slow down and the browser hangs for around 5 seconds before its stable, so i tried changing my motherboard's network drivers to every compatible version they had on the website, i even tried every audio driver, and updating my graphics card's drivers since for some reason my audio was not working properly, nothing changed appart from no BSOD..

Performance Monitor says i have a high number of interrupts per processor, and its been climbing, last test made me literally scared for my PC, the first 3 tests were 6000 or 7000 interrupts per processor (i have 6 processors), the last test said i had 26498 interrupts per processor... and it doesnt report any other problems. I even did a memtest because a few months back i added new ram to my PC, but nothing came out wrong, and i had no issues with my ram before, so i chalked it up to coincidence (no relation w the new ram).

My PC's current performance is liveable, i probably shouldn't conform to this since it could damage my PC in the long run (what do i know, I don't work IT), but i have other issues stemming from this. It seems since this has started, my home's router has been acting up, and from leaving my PC unplugged from my router for about two days i deducted the router resets (only) whenever my PC is logged to it, i have made sure i have no malware, so I'm certain it must be a driver or hardware problem, but i couldn't find any working solution online. I tried repairing windows 10 with command prompt (DISM) just in case but it didn't solve it, so i don't think its a corrupted windows situation but i can't be sure of anything since my knowledge is quite limited.

In the end my PC can browse but i still have the high processor interrupts problem, and it seems my PC is causing my router to reset, which has been angering the people i live with, so even if i can currently use my PC as is, i would like to solve this problem.

My PC has a Gigabyte motherboard GA-990FXA-UD3, a Phenom II X6 1100T processor, a GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB), a western digital HDD and 8GB of Kingston memory (2x4gb in dual channel). If you want me to run dxdiag or download any free tools just tell me.

PS: I even went as far as to check my HDD's health to see if i had multiple problems etc, but its perfectly healthy.


  Haunted PC 09:57 16 Jun 2018

Sorry for the bump, my pc suddenly got worse, now I now have lag regardless of what i do, still getting over 20K interrupts per core, and to sum it up i haven't seen a single BSOD since i fixed my MB's network drivers, would appreciate advice, thanks.

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