Permanent FPS Drop on MSi Laptop GE62 6QF

  Archie Gogoladze 12:44 12 Feb 2019

Hello! I'm new to this forum and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. Want to start of saying I bought the GE62 6QF 2018 July and it work without an issue, but now overnight the performance has dropped by a lot. I know you may ask, power settings but I've already checked everything there.

Specs: Win 10 64bit Intel Core i7-6700HQ (6th Gen) 2.6 Ghz Nvidia GeForce GTX 970m 3GB 16GB ram HDD 1TB SSD 128

Now let's get to the issue. Overnight I experienced a huge FPS loss, FPS while running Witcher 3 on High was around 50-60 but now after launching the game in less than 1 min the FPS drops to 20-30fps on any graphics setting high or low. since this started 4 days ago GTA 5 used to drop same 20-30fps but recovers in a min and yesterday it didn't drop below 40 playing on High settings all the time. Now Squad, as weird as it may sound Squad has not had an fps drop at all, still runs with same FPS on same settings. War Thunder has had some fps drops I always had 60 stable fps but now the Nvidia fps counter goes up to 80 and comes down to 40 minimum (it never went up to 80 or over 60). Doom 4 also suffered this, in less than a min of launching the game the fps went 20-30 and doesn't recover, yesterday playing doom I had min of 40 fps while my FPS on high setting was always 60 ( fps drops same with High or low settings). Other games such as Day of Infamy, Insurgency work just fine. I haven't noticed any changes in other processes on the laptop everything looks fine but only during gaming problems arise. I installed the latest GTX970M driver from GeForce Exp and nothing has changed.

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