PC Screen pixelated and PC crashes

  Truffle001! 14:43 07 Nov 2018

Hi, My PC has started crashing and displaying a pixelated screen. I am assuming its simply a video card issue, but looking to get some verification please - as I don't have a spare card, and hoping for a cheap fix!!. The distorted screen (as per attached photos) can be seen in BIOS, at Win10 prompt, and finally after trying to logon, where PC crashes. Between the logon screen and the crash itself, the screen goes on/off, displays various patterns etc etc. Have tried leaving PC at the logon screen for about 10 mins, and it doesn't crash and stays running

Was wondering if its power related as I did have an issue a few weeks back, where after PC was powered on, it would start to boot, but would then just power itself down. It did this 5-6 times before seemingly fixing itself. Have tried disconnecting 2 internal DVD drives (just leaving 1 HDD), but no difference.

Graphics card is a Gigabyte GV-R487D5-1GD and the system has a 700w total power output PSU

Would appreciate any thoughts/comments before I go out and get another graphics card.

Thanks Andy

![photo of BIOS, WIn10 logon prompt, and PC crash after logging on ]1

1]: [click here

  wee eddie 15:07 07 Nov 2018

One would assume that your MOBO has On-board graphics. Plug your monitor into that and see what happens

  Truffle001! 15:18 07 Nov 2018

Hi, unfortunately there is no onboard graphics on MOBO. The 'suspect' graphics card does have a digital output (the one I normally use) and HDMI - get same results from either connection

  KEITH 1955 23:00 07 Nov 2018

Do you see a message on screen saying no signal detected , this would indicate a dead or dying card , have you tried uninstalling the card drivers in case they have got corrupted then re installing them , you mention odd patterns during boot up , have you had a lock up and had to turn off your pc without shutting it down properly or have you turned power off during boot up , in either scenario you could have corrupted part of the registry . To eliminate a faulty monitor which I don't think is the case , try and lone one from a pal

  Truffle001! 10:41 08 Nov 2018

Monitor is fine as works with laptop. Problem exists just going into BIOS where I get lines and odd marks across the screen, so am assuming not a driver issue. When booting to Win10 prompt the screen becomes filled with coloured squares and a very 'snowy' looking screen - so card is producing output, but just with massive interference

  Flak999 14:35 08 Nov 2018

This happened to me. How old is your graphics card? I would say from the look of your screenshots your graphics card is on the way out!

  rickf 22:15 08 Nov 2018

Graphics card problem. Had a laptop which went this way. Lucky you're using a pc. Just change the G/c. Almost sure that is the problem when the screen goes pixelated.

  Taylor Swift 23:06 08 Nov 2018

May also be bad electrics in Sandown Road Stockport.

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