Messing up a drive back up

  bumpkin 22:43 10 Aug 2018

I was using Minitool "Copy Disc". I formatted the destination drive G then copied C to it. Now neither of them will boot and no I did not do it the wrong way round. I am now using my external back up drive but am reluctant to try to copy that as it is the last chance saloon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:28 10 Aug 2018

boot from c and try a startup repair by powering off after 5 secs do three times to get to the repair menu.

if that doesn't work boot from windows 10 boot media (USb or DVD) and try the same thing.

  bumpkin 19:32 11 Aug 2018

FB, thanks but it did not work.

rdave,It said copy disk in minitool which I tried to do. It then said something about the destination disk making the system unbootable which is why I formatted it first. It then appeared to do the copy but at the end neither disk would work. I have now resolved this by doing a clone using Macrium to both disks. Glad I keep an external back up disk.

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