A manly looking DAB radio?

  1936 11:49 28 Sep 2018

I'm getting on a bit but I can still remember my mother referring to me as a, Flash Git because I liked flash devices such as that wonderful 1950s radio the Zenith Transoceanic D7000Y. I'm not impressed with the style of any of the DAB radios I have seen so far and am still looking for something of the style and size of the Zenith. Would anyone care to make a suggestion?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:26 28 Sep 2018

56 pages of DAb radios on Amazon how about one that looks like a Jukebox?

click here

  BT 12:56 28 Sep 2018

If you want a 'tough' looking radio how about the ones they sell for Builders to annoy us with

Builders Radios

  Forum Editor 14:25 28 Sep 2018

Why not get the real thing?

  1936 16:18 28 Sep 2018

The Amazon list certainly looks as though it gives sufficient to make to make a decision, what a pity about the actual company. Now, ZENITH Trans-Oceanic Royal 7000-1 there is a radio created by those who understand the meaning of ascetically appealing and what a pity some of the Amazon list had not paid attention to the styling. I hope that I've got a few years left to enjoy the BBC World Service so a DAB radio I have to find and like the season of Autumn when one looks through the seed catalogues' I will now commence making a selection of what I will buy, so many thanks for everybody's help.

  scottcooney 16:49 12 Feb 2019

My uncle assembled the Zenith Transoceanic D7000Y in his garage. He found a housing in the dump and some more details. He collected the stuffing himself, mostly in the Amazon. To the premier here, he found click here a suitable walkie-talkie radio for receiver and transmiter

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