Lost docx item in Win 10 starter ed

  petethegrate 21:29 11 Jul 2018

I have recently started using WORD in the Win 10 Starter edition. Having used a many years old previous WORD edition. Have been creating a .docx and religiously 'saving' to desktop. Before switching off I double checked that I had 'saved'. However, when opening Word and going to 'Recent .docx' message came up that no such file could be found. I understand that Word automatically saves a backup as an .asd file. Tried this route to no avail. Have been trying various suggestions from the web still to no avail. Can anyone help with a recovery suggestion and what am I doing wrong in saving the file with a suitable name on the desktop? Thanks in anticipation. Pete.

  wee eddie 22:28 11 Jul 2018

Are you sure that you mean your "Desktop" and not "Documents"? Could get very crowded after a while.

  Jollyjohn 10:26 12 Jul 2018

What happens if you double click on the file on the desktop?

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