Laptops with small hard drives.

  Pip56 19:15 12 Sep 2018

Hi if i buy a laptop with a single SSD drive it will only just have enough space for the operating system and a few other programmes. Can i use an external hard drive to store all of my document folders etc and other programmes needed to run on the laptop.

  alanrwood 19:19 12 Sep 2018

Yes but what is the point. An external drive costs money so why not get a device with a sensible amount of drive space in the first place.

  wee eddie 19:56 12 Sep 2018

125GB should be an absolute minimum. 32 & 64GB HD's are bringing nothing but problems, just the feedback here and elsewhere

  Pip56 20:22 12 Sep 2018

I alread have 2tb external drive. Most laptops i have looked at only come with a 128gb SSD drive which is not big enough. I currently have a 128gb SSD drive in my laptop with a 1tb hard drive as well. The SSD drive is almost full just with operating system and Office etcso to have a laptop with just 128gb SSD will not be big enough. The minimum SSD drive would like is 512gb but the price jump is huge.

  wee eddie 20:50 12 Sep 2018

Using an External Drive for storage of files and folders that you only need to access from time to time, makes sense.

But don't forget to back it up. All you need is to accidentally pull out the cable and you'll need the backup

I have 2 small folders of day to day stuff on my SSD. One personal and one for the Taxi. Backed up on the NAS Drive, movies and photos live on the HD.

  alanrwood 10:47 13 Sep 2018

Why not buy the laptop and replace the 126GB SSD with a 480GB one. It is relatively easy to clone the original SSD to the new one.

  Menzie 03:18 12 Jan 2019

Unfortunately one of the downsides to prebuilt systems (laptops and desktops) is that certain hardware is tied to a certain level of pricing.

If the laptop you're going for is one of those super thin ones, chances are the storage might be soldered onto the motherboard.

If not replacing the hard drive is fairly simple, but if this is something you're not comfortable doing many online computer specialists, brick and mortar retailers and PC repair shops offer hard drive upgrading services.

Upgrading the hard drive won't void your warranty (however the warranty won't cover the new drive for obvious reasons) and what they charge usually includes cloning the old drive to the new one.

A 500GB SSD will set you back about £65 plus whatever the labour charges are.

  AroundAgain 21:22 12 Jan 2019

Bear in mind that Microsoft programs can't be installed on any other drive other than C;\ Drive, unless you are able to 'tell' the laptop how to divert to another drive. Some other software doesn't seem to give the option to install on an alternative drive either.

I have a little 32Gb laptop/2-in-1 and it certainly takes some 'managing'. I don't keep documents etc on it but, if I needed to, I'd use an alternative drive.

  Aitchbee 22:03 12 Jan 2019

Off subject but I remember that most Amiga programs/program files could be 'crunched' on to Amiga floppies so maximising disk space. The programs were then 'de-crunched' when loaded into ram memory then executed/ran. Is there not a similar workaround for Windows?

  Menzie 15:13 13 Jan 2019

Crunching and decrunchng seem to be one of the things that the Amiga was advanced on.

PCs had to make do with Zip or RAR which didn't do realtime in memory on execution unarchiving.

On PCs now you can compress a drive, how much space this saves however varies. The OS will use NTFS compression and decompress the files when needed in the background with no input required from the user.

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