Internet connection worsens during use

  LumberJak 04:26 12 Oct 2018

I recently got a new PC and the wireless card in it allows me to connect to the internet just fine, and use voice chat services like discord, but will not allow me to connect to any game servers.

I tried plugging in the usb wifi dongle that I used for my old PC and that works perfectly at first, allows me to browse the internet and lets me connect to game servers. But after around 20 minutes of use my connect will suddenly drop for a second, then come back at a lower speed, and then not let me connect to any game servers. The speed drop is from my 8MB/s normal down to 5MB/s after the connection drop. After the connection drops and returns, I have to either remove and reinsert the dongle, or disconnect from the internet manually and then reconnect before I can get my regular service back.

I am the only person in the house having these issues, and it is happening only on this new PC, so I am sure it is something wrong with the PC itself and not the router/ISP.

I've been trying to look though event viewer when the connection drop happens but I cannot find any errors that pop up consistently at the time of the drops.

Any advice would be great because I am super confused by this.

  KEITH 1955 12:18 13 Oct 2018

look at reliability monitor report and study any error logs you have you might find the answer by googling the error codes.

have you tried your pc with ethernet connection to eliminate the possibility of a faulty or low spec dongle , my custom rig cost 3k but the wifi dongle that came with the mobo was just not good enough for gaming.

tip …. if your reliability monitor is full of loads of report you can clear them out by using ccleaner , scroll to bottom and on advanced tab tick the first item , windows event log. , the monitor will still work but it will reset if you run ccleaner again with the box still ticked.

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