How to remove Windows login password

  exdragon 15:18 06 Oct 2018

I'm confused: recently, I was told that OneDrive would be removed becasue I hadn't used it for ages. I thought I'd start using it and set up an account with a password. I already had a different password for logging in to Windows, but this has been superceded by the OneDrive one.

According to various sources, in order to get rid of the Windows login password, I should be able to run netplwiz and uncheck the box which says users need to sign in, but it's already unchecked.

Anone got any idea what I'm missing here? All I want to do is to be able to open Windows without using a password!

  Taff™ 07:02 08 Oct 2018

Go to your user profile, change password - clear the password and leave blank, save changes then reboot.

  exdragon 09:53 08 Oct 2018

Thanks, but I've got a sudden mental block - how do I get to my user profile?

  Taff™ 10:20 08 Oct 2018

Accounts in Settings! LOL

  Taff™ 10:26 08 Oct 2018

Oh! Then Sign In Options in left column!

  exdragon 11:16 08 Oct 2018

I thought that was the obvious place to look, but in Sign in/Change Password, there's only Old, Create and Re-enter, all of which have to be filled in before the Next option. All I've done is to create another password!

Talk about dim... The annoying thing is that I removed it on the desktop but didn't do the laptop at the same time.

  exdragon 09:25 11 Oct 2018

Anyone got any other suggestions?

  BRYNIT 11:04 11 Oct 2018

By the sound of it you are signing in with a Microsoft account which needs a password you will need to change to a local account CLICK HERE and follow the instructions. When it asks you for a password for the local account do not enter anything just select next and then finish.

  Taff™ 15:50 11 Oct 2018

Thought you were sorted mate - sorry!

Set up another account (Add Friends and Family) but rememberto choose "I don't have this persons details" and play dumb on the next option - look for the miniscule option link below "use a Local Account instead".

IMPORTANT - that will be a normal account that is created! Click on it and change to Administrator. Reboot recommended and log into your new account. zzzzzzz while it sets up zzzzzzzz

Now delete the original account and let me know!

  exdragon 17:20 11 Oct 2018

Thanks, chaps, but still confused (old age pensioner great granny here!) I've looked at these suggestions, but by following either of them, will this mean that I can do on the laptop what I do on the desktop - switch on and not have to enter anything anywhere? I don't understand why, on the desktop, I just unticked the box which said users had to enter a password to use the computer. I'm getting bogged down in setting up a new account and logging in.


  Taff™ 17:53 11 Oct 2018

Sent you a PM and a sincere offer to help - reply if you would like to take me up on it please!

And less of this sympathy vote using "Granny" - I'm feeling old myself! LOL

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