how do i get rid of microsofts piracy warning

  KEITH 1955 11:13 12 Jan 2019

NOTE TO FE …. I fully understand if you want to delete this post , just email me if you do,

OK so first let me say I don't approve of using any pirated/bootlegged software !

A 20 yr old family friend has phoned me and asked me for help , he bought a pc from a so called student friend , the guy had built it himself and because my friend is a pc noob he did not find out the copy of windows 7 was a pirated copy until it was too late.

This is the problem he now has , when he turns the pc on he says he gets a message on screen saying he is not running a legit copy of windows 7 , I have not seen the message myself so I don't know the exact wording of it but he tells me that once he has taken the message off screen he can use the pc , I have several questions that I hope somebody can answer.

Is it possible to stop the warning message appearing. What is the correct phone number to report a bootleg software seller. Does the scheme to surrender a fake keycode and get Microsoft to give you a replacement keycode ( a thank you for reporting it ) still exist.

NOTE I know that some sort of keycode replacement exists because I have read post where some users have reported that if you replace a motherboard your genuine copy of windows wont work because it will have some how been electronically tagged to the previous motherboard during its installation.

  Govan1x 15:18 12 Jan 2019

Try starting in safe mode without networking. Not sure if that worked with XP or W7.

Computer should start then there is a way of removing the constant privacy warning but you would have to google for that.

Cheapest way would be to buy a keycode from E-bay they are not expensive and maybe trying that. Of course if Microsoft give you a free keycode that would be the way to go.

There is an 0800 number for microsoft Uk but unfortunately I do not know what it is.

Don't buy a keycode from microsoft as it will cost about £130 from them

  Govan1x 15:41 12 Jan 2019

Phone: (+44) 0344 800 2400 Fax: (+44) 0870 60 20 100

Or found this freephone one from 2016 so not sure if it still works. In UK, contact 0800 026 03 30.

  Forum Editor 15:46 12 Jan 2019

Take a look at this.

Whatever you do, don't buy a validation code on Ebay - or from any third party come to that. You can report counterfeit software to Microsoft here.

  Govan1x 15:48 12 Jan 2019

Tried that 0800 number and it has not been recognized so no longer works I would think.

The 44) 0344 800 2400 number is from reading uk and as far as I know it will either be free depending on what tarif on your phone. or it will be charged as a local call.

  KEITH 1955 16:34 12 Jan 2019

Thanks to all for feedback especially to FE , I looked at the click here articles.

When my pal brings his pc over for me to look at I think their will be only 2 things I can say to him , either run the pc without access to windows updates ( not recommended ) or just accept the fact he has been ripped off by a so called buddy and then tell him to buy a new pc.

BTW with regards to the articles he has never mentioned the screen going black after 1 hour and I know he spends a lot of time composing music on the pc.

I cant understand why he had to buy a cheap pc off a so called pal because his grandma died last year and the family inherited a bungalow worth £200,000

  Govan1x 23:21 12 Jan 2019

Ok just read that it is a bad W7 update that is making genuine Windows as not genuine. So do nothing till you check it out. I do not have time tonight to look but found the update problem on CNET.

  Govan1x 00:07 13 Jan 2019
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:50 13 Jan 2019

click here to fix

  KEITH 1955 11:13 13 Jan 2019

thanks fruitbat the article makes sense the guy is coming over today , cant wait to see what crap has been left on the machine as well as the dodgey op sys , as you know I am geeky so I know what to look for.

  KEITH 1955 16:25 13 Jan 2019

UPDATE TIME The guy who brought his pc over today really shocked me , a message came up saying you don't appear to have a genuine copy of windows , regardless of what colour scheme you choose it would always change to black , bottom right next to the clock a message was permanently displayed saying you are running an illegal copy of windows , I tried to use my linksey wi fi dongle from my spare pc to connect to the internet , it found my hub and accepted the security key but even though I was showing as connected nothing that the internet requires would work. Ethernet to my hub did not work either.

Maybe their is a secret setting in windows ( not asking you guys for info ) that stops you going on web with a pirate copy of windows. The only thing I was able to do was get rid of about 500 infections ( he is a file sharer but I did not know that) using Malwarebytes. I warned him not to tell his dad what I found.

Finally I told him to kick the crap out of the guy who sold him the pc (only joking) and get his money back.

Big thanks to Govan1x and fruitbat the article were very informative.

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