Cannot turn laptop on or off

  DeiniolBryan 23:09 08 Aug 2018

Hi, I tried turning my laptop on recently and it did not turn on nor did the power button light indicator. I have since been able to turn it on, by fixing what seemed to be a dodgy cable between the motherboard and the power button. The cable was creased so had to put tape on it to keep it connected and working. During this process I somehow managed to turn on the laptop by fiddling with the contact and motherboard socket. The power button light is now on, so the cable is working as far as I'm aware, however the power button doesn't actually turn the laptop off or on. So only way of turning on and off is by fiddling with contact and socket. Is this an issue with the cable or an issue with the motherboard?

Help will be greatly appreciated,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:16 09 Aug 2018

Power button just makes a momentary contact to signal the motherboard to switch on/ off.

I think you may need to replace the button / cable.

  Taff™ 10:18 09 Aug 2018

Make and model of laptop? HP by any chance?

  wee eddie 11:17 09 Aug 2018

How long have you had this Laptop and in what country do you live?

Have you tried removing the battery > Turning it on (with no battery in it) > leaving it 'on' for a minute > Turning it 'off' > Replacing the battery?

What happens when your laptop is Charging. Same behaviour or different?

  DeiniolBryan 14:13 09 Aug 2018

Yes Eddie, it's not a battery issue at all, it's 100% motherboard related or something to do with the power switch/cable, tried those things initially.

And the laptop is custom built.

  wee eddie 15:39 09 Aug 2018

If the person, who built it, was so careless as to pinch a cable so badly that it broke. I'd take it back. That qualifies as not fit for purpose.

In England you have 6 years, here in Scotland, you have 5.

  wee eddie 00:14 10 Aug 2018

By the way, I did not say that it was a Battery issue.

The method I recommended drains the condensers and acts as a hard reset

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